IFBB Pro League Pro Qualifier

Muscle Contest Vietnam

August 18, 2018

Ho Chi Min City, Vietnam

Head Judge & Promoter

Tamer El Guindy

Pro Men's Physique Results

1. Mahdi Sherafat, USA
2. Mohammad Kashanaki, Iran
3. Juan Faro, Spain
4. Tran Tuan Ahn
5. Patrick Fulgham, USA
6. Chi Ho Choi, Hong Kong



Mahdi Sherafat, IFBB Pro League Muscle Contest Vietnam 2018

Men's Physique Champ. Follow @mehdisherafat_ifbbpro


Renowned Korean Pro An Da Jeong brought her hardest look to date to win the Figure Pro card at the IFBB Pro League Muscle Contest Vietnam.

Could she have won with less conditioning, graininess & striations as she has in other federations? It's unclear, but Jeong demonstrated she can bring it and compete with whatever level they'd like to take the figure division in the IFBB Pro League.

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