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Ashley Kaltwasser, 3x Ms Bikini Olympia champ. What has she been up to?
Ashley noted on November 18th that she was starting her IFBB Bikini prep with Team Elite Physique trainer Adam Bonilla. Although we have not seen Ashley on stage in some time as she sat out the 2017 Olympia after a loss in 2016 she has grown increasingly popular on Instagram with her creative videos produced in Central Los Angeles where she moved in 2017 from Akron, Ohio. Her videos often quickly reach over a quarter of a million views and her off season bikini Olympia shape and carefree spirit garners 20-50K views per photo. Follow Ashley @ashleykfit. And as a personal trainer she offers services at

Justin Woodard of Ft Lauderdale, Florida is the NPC Nationals 2017 Men’s Physique Class-B IFBB Pro card winner!
The former high school football running back and university track athlete transitioned to physique with the Body by Lolita team in Pembroke Pines.
In two years and five national shows with top five placings in four of them it seemed only a matter of time. With 22 men in the class Justin reigned supreme taking that first card. In our recent interview that you can listen to in its entirety at the website.
Justin noted he has his cites set on the Orlando Europa as his debut. Follow Justin Woodard on IG @thewoodworks_

Arnold Classic Columbus March 1-4, 2018 Invites are coming soon!
2017 winners included Cedric McMillan in open mens bodybuilding, Ahmad Ashkenazi in the 212s, Ryan Terry in Men’s Physique, Daniely Castilho in Womens Physique, Oksana Grishina in Fitness, Candice Lewis Carter in Figure & Angelica Teixeira in Bikini.
Cedric just closed out his season with a victory in San Marino. Will he be back for another? Oksana retired after the Olympia as did #2 Regiane Da Silva in fitness. Will Whitney Jones & Bethany Wagner battle it out for those spots or will someone else take it and try to challenge the legacy of Oksana? For men’s physique with Ryan Terry out Andre Ferguson, Brandon Hendrickson and George Brown could all be in contention. Be the first to see the invite lists by following the Arnold Sports Festival at
#FLORIDBODYBUILDING NEWS with Travales Blount, John Hawley and Samantha Feenburg

2018 Classic Physique Weight Limits

NPCNewsOnline & released the sheet of new weight limits per class height requirements. As Pete Fancher stated on Facebook merely add five pounds per category. There is lots of back and forth among competitors thinking thats too much of an increase with others saying its good for the taller categories, but not so much for the shorter ones. While voicing opinions about these changes or any other it can be helpful to do it respectfully and if you have strong opinions let your district chairman know. For the Florida NPC the contact information for district chairmen is listed with phone numbers and email addresses at

Who Says There Is No Politics In Bodybuilding?

Florida NPC Physique competitor and former pro wrestler Matt Morgan on Nov. 7th beat a sitting incumbent in the election for city commissioner of Longwood Florida. Running as an outsider Matt spoke eloquently at town hall meetings and on regional news outlets about his role being to give a voice to the voiceless and that it was about time Longwood had the 7’, 300lb commissioner they deserved. Aside from his city commissioner duties Matt is working on an offseason video series for his 5% Nutrition sponsor, and possibly planning to compete in more NPC competitions and professional wrestling that he has been involved with for nearly twenty years….follow Matt on IG @bpmattmorgan

Who Was The 1st IFBB Bikini Pro?

That would be Shelsea Montes aka Seashel who won the overall at the 2009 NPC Jr USA in Charleston.  Stacy Oster also won her pro card in the first pro qualifier. That was Shelsea’s “3rd show” ever! However, she grew up doing beauty pageants that turned to fitness as she loved working out and a trainer encouraged her to compete. Who would have guessed she would soon hold the historic position as the first IFBB Bikini Pro. Shelsea competed in nine pro shows with her last being the 2011 Olympia. She basically burnt out having turned pro so fast followed by only a 30 day offseason over the next two years of competing and suffering from bing eating and rebound that’s common with many new to the fitness lifestyle. Shelsea knew what she wanted to do right out of high school, which is cosmetology and she continues to do. Watch her videos at and follow her on IG @shelseasanchez

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