Vertical Video Hack Using Final Cut

Vertical formatted videos are preferred by users of Instagram, Pinterest, TicTok and other mobile oriented platforms. As a result your content that is optimized for this portrait as opposed to landscape orientation will get more views. They look that much better in previews on the platforms and while playing which will result generally in more views and success for your content on these platforms.

There are still no cameras besides your cellphone that shoot content in this format. Thus, if shooting with a professional dslr or fixed lens camcorder the video will have to be further edited to optimize for the vertical video format. Adobe Premier and Final Cut are two of the principle editing softwares used by professional videographers. Popular Youtuber Chadeveryday provides and excellent tutorial on how to convert your landscape oriented footage into the vertical format using Final Cut X at LINK. Like & Subscribe to his channel if interested in other gear use techniques, etc.

These are a few of the steps Chadeveryday uses:












-After doing all editing to your video clips on the timeline create a compound clip of your project for the purpose of making sure all elements of the video edit are included in the processes to follow.

-Double-click on your project, which opens the Details dialog box.
-Modify Settings: Within Format section change “Video Properties” aspect ratio by selecting “Custom”.
-Change Video Resolution to 1080 X 1350. Leave frame rate as is.
-Then click okay.
-Further editing is now required.
-Activate the “Transform” menu by selecting video. Then ‘scale all” by about 230%.
-Export video and you are ready to upload vertical oriented video to your various social media sites including Instagram, Pinterest & TicTok. providing photoshoots and video shoot services including the use of drones and editing at competitive rates in Florida. We book individuals for fitness-oriented content along with commercial shoots for a variety of industries including real estate and manufacturing. Whether you need photos for your business,  personal portfolio or event John Hawley of is available by appointment. We also provide online marketing services including Search Engine Optimization (SEO), web development and copywriting services for a wide range of industries.  More Booking Information