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2016 IFBB Orlando Pro & NPC Southern USA.

March 12, 2016

Orlando Convention Center North Concourse.


Kerryne Brown will be competing this weekend at the 1st Annual Orlando Pro after earning her pro status in Class D at 2015 Jr Nationals!
Welcome to the Sunshine State!

Adrienne Crenshaw will be competing at the Orlando Pro this weekend. Adrienne turned pro in 2012 and took time off to have a baby returning in 2015 to compete in seven pro shows. Her best placing was fifth last year and early in the season. Look for this Spring, Texas lady Friday & Saturday in Orlando.

Marcia Cristiane Goncalves de Sousa (aka: Marcinha Goncalves) will be competing in the Orlando Pro this weekend. The Brazilian Personal Trainer has competed in Columbus, Arnold Europe, Arnold Brazil & Amateur Olympia. Resides in Windemere Florida. Give her a warm welcome in Orlando.

Sheena Jayne Martin of New Zealand will be competing this weekend in the Orlando Pro. Sheena has a bachelor of law degree with honors and a passion for sharing fitness with others as a personal trainer and posing coach. After earning pro status at the Arnold Amateur in 2014 she's gone on to compete professionally and write several ebooks that can be found with other training and posing information at her website.
Check out her out before boarding the plane to the states!

Pamela John, IFBB Pro will be competing in the Orlando Pro this weekend. Pamela earned pro status at the 2015 Masters Nationals in the Over 45 division going on to place third in that division on the Pittsburgh Pro stage last year. Pamela is a proud mother of three coping with Graves disease and hoping to inspire others with her healthy living and fitness example.
Pamela will be heading to Orlando from Elvis country Memphis Tennessee!

Shinda Obey, IFBB Pro earned that status at the 2015 IFBB North Americans. Before that the Stafford, Texas resident earned her bachelors in business information systems along with a Masters degree in architectural community building, but after a decade decided to pursue her fitness passion as a personal trainer. Obey holds two personal training certificate and a sports nutrition certification at last count. Her personal training services include instruction in yoga, Tai Chi and pilates. Look for Obey this Saturday at the Orlando Pro!

Puerto Rica Idianettte Ortiz, IFBB Pro earned that status at the 2015 North Americans and coincidentally taking the overall at last years NPC Southern USA where Idianettte will be returning this weekend to compete in the 1st Annual Orlando Pro. She's a personal trainer, entrepreneur along with being a mother. Lots going on in her life, but expect her to bring her combination of Boricua sass, curves and conditioning this Saturday in Orlando.

Joni Ortiz, of Tucson, Arizona has been competing since 2011 and turned pro in 2014. Doctors told her there was no hope when diagnosed with eighteen ailments, but with shear will power she worked through all but two of them. Besides competing on stage Ortiz is happily married to her childhood sweetheart. They have two children. She has a bachelors degree in business management and is especially proud of her graduating gpa of 3.8 considering she modeled as a child and some discounted her intelligence. Ortiz is involved in several businesses including her own business as a certified health coach and fitness trainer. Looking forward to seeing Joni Ortiz compete in the Orlando Pro 2016.

Dianet Pereda: Turned pro at 2015 Masters Nationals and competed in several pro shows late in the season. Orlando pro is the first pro show of 2016 for the Miami resident with plans to do the Muscle Beach Classic in April and more!

Lindsay Pinsonneault of Calgary won overall in her first show in Northern Alberta. She took second at Alberta Provincial Championships that gave her the drive to push harder which landed her the Bikini Overall at the Canadian Body Building Federation (CBBF) National Championships, which includes IFBB professional status. She was revered at the Alberta Body Building Association (ABBA) annual awards ceremony as Bikini Competitor of the year. The Orlando Pro will be the second show for her under the IFBB format. Will be interesting to see how she stacks up in this lineup.

Jayde Taylor will be competing in the Orlando Pro this weekend. Taylor earned pro status at Jr USA taking first place in class-A. The Manhattan native currently resides in Murfreesboro, Tennessee where she competed in the Flex Lewis Classic in 2014. I actually attended that one! She’d moved to Tennessee to attend Middle Tennessee State University and loved it so much she stayed.

Joana Tesareski is competing at the Orlando pro this weekend. Tesareski is a Filipino-American registered nurse working in Houston,Texas who earned her pro status at the 2014 Team U class-A. She took sixth place in a stacked lineup at the 2015 Coastal USA Pro and this will be her first pro show of 2016. She’s posting progress pics on Facebook and looks more than ready.

Dana Tracy will be competing in the Orlando Pro 2016. Dana began training for competition only eight months before earning her pro status with an overall win in the over 40 class at 2015 Masters Nationals. The wife and mother of two teenagers loves cosplay and is a contract specialist with a defense contractor in West Point, Utah.

Tatiana Koshman Debique, is a Russian native living in the U.S. for fifteen years. She has a BS in nutrition and a second degree black belt. She started competing in 2008 and earned pro status in 2011. She operates a thriving contest prep business Koshman Fitness Systems and is an online supplement distributor. After competing in the first annual Orlando Pro Debique will be taking advantage of her invite to the Arnold Australia and head to Melbourne for that prestigious second year event.

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