Marketing Fitness in Oversaturated Social Media Networks without Paid Ads

By John Hawley

In another of Neil Patel's weekly marketing videos

he addresses what many of us want to know regarding

best practices for improving our social media success

without paid ads. For individuals using these platforms

for personal use this might seem intuitive, but in a

corporate environment particularly where social success

is considered an investment having a defined strategy

for success is crucial.

Tip 1: Offer Overwhelming Amounts of Value.
More content, videos, audio, responding to every comment, groups.
Free content. So much value that others cannot compete.

Tip 2: Scale Without Sacrificing Your Ability To Test.
Create processes and basic templates for what content works best and scale that up including for images, videos, and text-based that people want to see. At the same time constantly test for new forms of content to know what the next thing that’s going to work. What works now may not work 3-6 months from now and you always have to be changing it up. People on social media are looking for the latest, the greatest the freshest stuff. Doing the same thing year after year you will be caught by the algorithm and your reach will tank.

Tip 3: Invest in Automation.
Scheduling posts is the most efficient form. Don’t do it with third-party schedulers with Facebook, but that’s fine with other platforms.

Tip 4: Use Different Media Formats And Length.
Video works well on Facebook & LinkIn, but not Twitter. Quotes images work well on Twitter & IG. Quote images on Facebook don’t work that well. So you can’t post the same content on different platforms as the same thing won’t do well on different platforms. Always test and be aware of this.

Tip 5: Cross-post your content ideas.
Ideas pulled from IG stories, Facebook Live, Facebook What Is This, etc. Compile lists of what engages people and use it more.

Tip 6: Build Connections With Other Influential Players
Create more engagement among influencers in the same niche where you can build value together organically. If one side is getting all the value it won’t work well.

Tip 7: Use Video More
Over the next few years, it will take off as the main format social networks want. 7-10 minutes is preferred for youtube. IGTV shorter vids. Take Live Calls.

Tip 8: Offer Users Ability to create content with you.
Ask Gary Vee is an example where he takes live calls and uses that content on social. Snapshots of interactions, etc.

Directly interact with users. Answer private messages, Comment engagement is MOST important and what social platforms are looking for.

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