Jake Wood, the Weider of Modern Bodybuilding

Jake Wood, can be fairly described as the Weider of Modern Bodybuilding Era. A wealthy man with an interest in reviving aspects of the bodybuilding community that in the wake of the Weider legacy was allowed to languish. Struggling patiently against those who take his money while working against his causes Wood's influence is rising. From underwriting Tim Gardner Productions to now the 2019 Olympia he has worked within the existing power structure putting money in the pockets of industry influencers knowing their charges were over-valued.

Will they allow Wood an actual voice at the table making decisions for the leagues versus attempt to keep him at arms distance as a "high-dollar" sponsor? Will his strategy have a lasting benefit for the sport and will the league principles allow it versus as with other sponsors continue to bleed them for cash while laughing from their private meetings trying to figure out who the next mark will be?

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