IFBB Elite Pro Event added to Miami Grand Prix!

The IFBB and IFBB Physique America are moving forward in the United States in bringing Bodybuilding and Fitness to a higher level. IFBB & IFBBPA will be adding pro events to the IFBB Miami GP event on July 20th. IFBB President, Dr. Rafael Santonja has approved the addition of an IFBB Elite Pro Women’s Wellness competition and an IFBB Elite Pro Men’s Classic Physique competition to the amatuer Pro Qualifier Miami Grand Prix. Prize money will be a total $10,000US for the first ever Elite Pro competition in the United States. “This is a tremendous step forward for the IFBB and IFBB Physique America in giving the athletes a legitimate option in the Sport of Bodybuilding & Fitness. We appreciate the opportunity IFBB President Santonja afforded IFBB Physique America, its athletes and its officials” brags IFBBPA Executive Director John V. Calascione. As an added bonus, athletes who win their IFBB Elite Pro status that day will be able to make their pro debut immediately compete for money in the pro event! For IFBB Elite Pro Athletes wishing to compete, or pro athletes from other organizations who wish to become an Elite Pro and participate in this prestigious event, please contact Diana Mozos at ifbbelitepro@ifbb.com

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