Kim Gutierrez Wins 2019 Japan Bikini Pro

Congratulations Kim Gutierrez, representing Chile and Oddo's Angels for taking the Pro League Japan Pro Bikini title for 2019. Interestingly, this Pro League Japan Pro February 24, 2019 event had a bikini-clad seven member strong Team USA that could place no better than 6th place of the 17 competitors entered.

Placings included: 2nd- Beatriz Biscaia, Portugal 3rd- Nittaya Kongthun, Thailand 4th, Sung Uk Kim, South Korea 5th, Alessia Facchin, Italy 6th, Mansa Akbarimehr, USA 7th, Jessica Wilson, USA 8th, Breena Martinez, USA 9th, Michelle Brannan, UK 10th, Geri Berger, USA 11th, Haneul Seong, Korea 12th, Svetlana Elina, Russia 13th, Jewelyn Merrill, USA 14th, Na Thompson, USA 15th, Michelle Hurst, USA 16th, Jade McKee, Australia 16th, Katie Morris, Australia

No Japanese pros were entered in this event head judged by Sandy Williamson. Two Australians tied so-to-speak with 16th place as tradition is in this federation not to provide athletes that spend thousands of dollars prepping for the events the dignity of an actual distinct evaluation of placing once the placings drop to 16th even though some contest have more placing below that threshold than above. Yet, no one much complains for fear they will never place above 16th if they do.

No word on if bikini competitors must win three or four shows outright if not already Olympia qualified to make it to the National Inquirer, David Pecker event in Las Vegas in September.

Tamer Elguindy, contest promoter can be seen doing Cultural Appropriation with traditional Japanese attire while back in his home adopted state of California he would not dare.

On to the next show!