NPC All South Sanction Goes to Carolina's based "KLASH" promoter

After a few decades of the NPC All South Championships being built up by Gene & Pete Fancher this year the Monsta Clothing owners of Tony & Chris we were told were being setup to take over the All South contest in 2018 and completely in 2019. I turned over website responsibilities to them myself in fact, which I'd done for over a decade. Then without fanfare it's announced by the Joe Pishkula, the recent Carolina transplant that he is incorporating the contest in his 2019 Carolina based "KLASH" series. While it was expected Pishkula would be taking over Florida shows in the reorganization of the state contests that includes a reduction in numbers to be announced at the Dec. 16, Ft Lauderdale sanctioning meeting it wasn't known that he would be taking over this particular show after the likewise discourteous manner in which he was appointed to Fancher's post similarly without fanfare or ceremony at the 2018 sanctioning meeting in Dec. 2017. Not a word of thanks came from Potter, Gardner or Pishkula for Fancher's nearly thirty years of dedicated service to his district athletes. Now this. The All South has had a great history that built it to the success it was in November of this year with probably its best turnout to date. Owning this contest sanction will provide Pishkula a great base to profit from in the NPC North District/Zone One as a reward from Pittsburgh to Pishkula as his cut in dividing up the Florida NPC. After posting about this last night Pishkula blocked me on social media, which is fine as I've still got access to see his Facebook promotions of his Carolina based contests that now include one of the great Florida NPC shows with more likely going to fall under the Carolina based "KLASH" banner. As with his original Border Klash in Aiken I was likewise the photographer at that first year show before he pushed that promoter aside and took that show as his own which he is now doing with the NPC All South. It will be interesting to see how deep the traditions and history of Florida's bodybuilding community will be altered under his leadership and that of the weak leadership of Mike in the North district and Gardner who will presumably run his portion of the state while physically at his shows around the country and abroad and amid his national and IFBB head judging responsibilities. Can one of the biggest states for NPC bodybuilding be reordered with recent transplants from "out of state", absentee personalities along with their bullying enforcers amid a smaller group of consolidated promoter numbers who know that their show could be the next one taken over by one of these district chairmen or eliminated to build attendance for one of their own? Time will tell.