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22 Figure Pros Tie for Last Place at 2018 Kentucky Muscle

Twenty-two IFBB Pro Figure Competitors tie for last place at IFBB Pro League Kentucky Muscle Victimized by the Good Old Boy Judging Criteria Set in Pittsburgh By Jim Manion. . The popularity and success of the Kentucky Muscle Pro is no accident as the promoter has done a terrific job over the years producing a great event with his own money along with his sponsors and the aid of volunteers and NPC & IFBB judging staff. Yet, last night 22 pro figure competitors did not place, but were given a 16th place designation, which is widely despised in amateur and pro ranks as indication that the competitor did not measure up, was actually shamefully ill prepared for stage competition and probably should not have been there. A simple solution to this group shaming in a subjective sport where there is often little difference among 1st, 11th & 22nd place is to actually provide a legitimate placing of 1st through last place. What other sports are there were 1st through a certain number are designated and the rest are denoted by last place? It's ridiculous traditional wisdom promulgated in women's divisions where one man Jim Manion makes every last decision foregoing any concern for appearance of impropriety running a 501c3 non-profit with out elections, quorum votes of committees, board of governor meeting minutes, etc. Whatever the elderly Manion and his son and now grandson choose to do is what the underlings including thousands of women must abide by. I support a Revolution of the 16th place competitors who deserve better both male and female in both the amateur and professional leagues. No participation awards and no coddling anyone, but publish the competitor's actual score! #REV16

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