Twenty-five Bikini Pro Casualties at Alamo Saturday, October 6, 2018

The Alamo 2.0 took place on Saturday night, October 6, 2018. Under the bright lights in San Antonio large numbers of wounded bikini wearing casualties piled up while the officers of the IFBB Pro League were doubtlessly claiming victory considering the tremendous troupe of g-string wearing beauties that showed up for booty & bust battle royale. Yet, the wounds will be lasting ones with some likely to never recover or lose interest considering there were more casualties to the 25 way tie for last place in the open class than placed with five receiving the additional dagger of 16th place in masters.

As with the men’s pro physique division the masters competitors in bikini placed in matching order to their open placings with no not one jumping ahead of someone else who bruised them in open battle. When this occurs athletes, fans and the press wonder if it was a matter of not rejudging where the athletes physiques and presentation if changed significantly enough might warrant a change in order of placing or possibly or not. In the case of San Antonio Pro the odds are the masters classes were not rejudged independently although for bikini there was a peppering of additional athletes in the mix. As three of the four athletes that competed exclusively in the masters bikini division placed above five who likewise placed 16th in open should the take away be that it was better to only compete in masters as a sacrament against 16th? While the regularly repeated ethos about a “16th” placing is that if one does so poorly such placing doesn’t deserve further delineation to demonstrate actual comparative placings when there are more athletes tying for last place in one show than place 15th or above it suggests a tipping point where athletes as customers won’t merely blame themselves for not being good enough, but question whether fighting for the Alamo in a $2000 bikini is worth it. Every soldier deserves recognition for their number of kills as well as recognition of set backs. To merely say a soldier died in battle and was laid to rest in an unmarked grave akin to 16th place is hardly a flag worth fighting for especially where it costs $250 per year in membership and you can't get an actual legit placing to at least say you beat those other bikini wearing biotches that placed behind you battle. The number of sexy soldiers is lining up for the next battle, but the officers need to figure out how to keep cojoling them into this costly sacrifice as the ranks are bloating and these soldiers know their worth and its better than 16th place.

Remember the Alamo!

#REV16 Masters Bikini 1. Elisangela Angell (8th open) 2. Nicole Johnson (11th open) 3. Andi Kozel (12th open) 4. Denis Mireles (13th open) 5. Necole Kane (14th open) 6. Deborah Goodman (16th open) 7. Abbi Gaetano (16th open) 8. Bethany Bartlett Tomko (16th open) 9. Remonta Khangaldy (16th open) 10. Sarah Devore (16th open) 11. Robyn Maher 12. Sabrina Perkins (16th open) 13. Kelly Bockel 14. Dianet Pereda (16th open) 15. Janice Murphy 16. Maria Carlone (16th open) 16. Betty Jean Ezell (16th open) 16. Lisandra McGrath (16th open) 16. Gina Sardina (16th open) 16. Debbie Westby (16th open) 16. Denise Rose