Masters Class Gives Last Place Open Competitors Something to Brag About

Masters divisions have their critics considering there typically is no prize money and no Masters Olympia. However, as with the 2018 IFBB Pro league San Antonio Pro the Men's Physique Masters Division provided five of the 16th open placing competitors bragging rights with a number above the dreaded last place tie. Doug Laforge stated on Instagram, "7 th place finish will have to do 😳 this round but we be back with a vengeance in 2019," but he omitted any reference to his 16th place in open.

Interestingly also the judging panel placed the Masters competitors in a sequence consistent with their open placings without having any do better than in open, which raises the obvious question of whether the masters competitors were judged again whatsoever or merely placed based on open scores?

Regardless, the masters division gives us better insight into where the last place competitors in the open would rank if an actual number was assigned them besides the 16th place “48” point tied designation. Thank you so much IFBB Pro League for supporting the athletes dreams and aspirations. #REV16.

Masters Men’s Physique 1. Dani Dal (4th open) 2. Ephfram Mike Lawhorne (6th open) 3. Marcus Champion (8th open) 4. Marcell Shippen (10th open) 5. David Odom (12th open) 6. Lorenzo Everhard 7. Daavon Grayson (14th open) 8. Doug LaForge (16th open) 9. Fritz Löschen (16th open) 10. Daniel Lee (16th open) 11. Douglas Evans (16th open) 12. Todd Abrams (16th open) DNS. Lehjuan Jones