IFBB Pro League Coverup or Coverage Tardiness?

As the number of athletes receiving pro cards abroad ramps up to over twenty in shows such as the Sept 23rd San Marino & upcoming Sheru Classic the league has come under fire for issuing pro cards in divisions where for instance only one competitor showed up as with women's physique at the August 4th Singapore Pro Qualifier. Is it a coincidence that after being criticized for that the official site for the IFBB Pro League has not posted any further complete competitors' lists beyond Bob Cicherillo's British Championships on August 18, 2018?

As this reporter has been critical of the IFBB Pro League providing pro cards to athletes where there is no minimum number required in a division such as other federations did this negative attention result in a further lack of transparency, a coverup per say or is the IFBB Pro League too busy to give this slight degree of recognition to the athletes that pay entry fees?


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