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Bodybuilding As the Global Bizarre of Bunco, Pain & Suffering

Though more regular than federation leaders admit are the deaths of athletes backstage at events along with heart attacks the day before and after due to strains on the heart by performance enhancing drug cocktails and dehydration along with detrimental physical and psychological health impacts that shorten the competitive lifestyle of many.

The bodybuilding judging standards that reward ever expansive extremes beyond their own written rules is directly related to the influence of drug dealers and sex traffickers working in the industry that encourage and profit from extremes and deviation from health and fitness. Contest prep trainers facilitate the drug trade that delivers the drugged up elite athletes to key contests in mass. Key figures in the credentialed press corp are sex trade operatives serving in their official industry roles as the gateway for these hypersexualized induced athletes into forms of prostitution.

The federations that serve as the conduit for such health and legal risk to the athletes attempt to shield their key stakeholders behind lax rules and regulations regarding PEDs and omission of even the most simplistically written mission statements or codes of ethics. Anything goes and they claim they aren't responsible for any of it although they directly profit from it. Bodybuilding is essentially divided into two camps that for simplicity's sake could be said to be good and evil. The good is represented by proponents of bodybuilding as something that is beneficial to health and fitness. The other more monied unethical proponents of evil don't care about health and fitness, but see athletes as dollar signs that pour in from entry fees, membership dues and in residual income glued together in the form of a global bizarre of bunco, drug abuse, prostitution, pain and suffering. Yes I'm talking about the NPC & IFBB Pro League among others.

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