The Bikini Pro Reset

Olha Horobets, bikini pro has had up and down placings from first to last within two weeks at various IFBB Pro League contests. After a 16th spot at New York Pro under head judge Tyler Manion Olha seemed like just another number in a sea of bikini competitors a division that gets little respect even though the ladies typically have the most mainstream appeal. A week later came the Dennis James Pro in Phoenix, Arizona and under head judge Sandy Williamson (only one on NPC salary over many years) Olha pulled out a first place win. Question came to mind that possibly the grandson of the NPC & IFBB Pro League president who presided as head judge over the New York pro bikini judging panel had overlooked Olha. Noting it would be interesting to hear an interview with Manion on what he looks for when judging his photographer father JM sniped back he would be looking for the best on stage….okay. Then, two weeks after her DJP win Olha dropped to 8th at the Miami Muscle Beach under Tres and this weekend at the IFBB Pro League Battle in the Desert there was a reset of Sandy Williamson’s first place to Olha as she again judged her and put her 17th in this lineup with Ashley K taking first and a six month postpartum India Paulino placing third. Other bikini pros in those lineups included Isha Barrow who placed 6th at the DJP and dropped to 12 this week in Vegas. Tiffany Servatius dropped from 3rd at the DJP to 13th in Vegas. Kenyne Henich who won the Patriots pro against 18 other pros recently was most consistent with an 8th place at the DJP and 7th in Vegas. The placement of Olha at the Dennis James Bikini Pro appears to have been a fluke overseen by Sandy Williamson. Olha who comes in with more defined abs on an athletic structure may need to do more cardio and start eating at Burger King to come in softer or up the dosage and morph to figure where she might be more competitive in a few years. Kudos to the pro league judges for keeping bikini in check from moving too close to figure, which has become little different from women’s physique and add a few pounds and less conditioning female bodybuilding in recent years. Kudos to Olha for doing bikini her way wherein you win some and lose some. Just keep paying your dues sister and you look incredible in your own right as do most pros.

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