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Musclepapa Steps Away From Some Federation's Official Show Coverage

Contest promoters is available to cover your event, but I request press access to be allowed to share contestant information in real time including photos and video on social media and with Facebook live. In the last week I've made changes to which federation's contests I cover on-the-ground in person as press rep or photo & video vendor. Although I love my NPC & IFBB contest promoter friends and the athletes that federation management unduly demands show photographers provide their company the images first before we are allowed according to them to promote them whatsoever on social media, in our own galleries, etc restricting the photographers from doing so whatsoever even where we were paying vendors. No facebook live is allowed either as again the federation leadership insists on sole marketing value from the athletes appearing on stage at local events even though it takes them many days after being provided them to promote whatsoever. I get it that they want to squeeze every bit of profit out of the local circuit that they can, but in the process they hurt local contest promotions where numbers of participants are down and the federation provides no compensation to the photographers or promoters who are essentially little more than franchise operators being squeezed by the franchise. The federation franchise takes sanction fees and membership dues and demands first and foremost that promoters maintain allegiance with whatever Pittsburgh edicts are passed down for the financial benefit of their ownership not the interests of the athletes, officials or promoters. I'm quickly replacing my prior schedule of contest coverage with different federations events where they welcome unfettered promotion of their events at the grassroots level and will continue to promote NPC & IFBB athletes and promotions despite no plans to shoot them officially to avoid having federation leadership take from me what is not theirs to take.

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