NPC President Reverses Changes Made In Florida NPC Organization

On Independence Day, July 4, 2018 Joe Pishkula updated the description of the "NPC FLORIDA, Official Page" on facebook to read, "An organization under the umbrella of the National Physique Committee (NPC); with Peter Potter as South Florida District Chairman, Joe Pishkula as Central Florida District Chairman, and Mike McKinney as North Florida District Chairman.

In conjunction with NPC Women Chairperson Shannon Dey and NPC Florida Ambassador-at-Large Tim Gardner.

NPC Competitive Divisions:

Mens Bodybuilding, Womens Bodybuilding, Mens Physique, Womens Physique, Bikini, Figure, Mens Classic Physique and Fitness.

The NPC is the only organization where you can compete and get your IFBB Professional League pro card and the Mr. Olympia."

John Hawley posted question to this update on July 5, "Why is the "District Chairman" language still in place as those territories were redrawn as zones at the end of 2017? Would assume the districts are synonymous with the zones listed on the website."

Dennis Fancher, Former NPC Florida Central District Chairman who was rumored to have been ousted from that position in December 2017 responded on July 5, "They have now been changed back to districts - no longer zones".

Seeking further clarification John Hawley posted inquiring followup, "Good to see you are still in the know and answering questions here on the former Central District facebook page Pete. Was the latest move simply a name change? Are the redrawn lines still in place or did they go back to the old district lines as well?"

Fancher responded, "Only the change of name as directed by the President - still in the shadows supporting these great district promoters any way I can."

No corroboration from officials at any level on the changes or what the changes mean for the zones or districts or the reason according to Fancher for the NPC President's reversal on changes he directed in a December 1, 2017. The NPC Florida State website continues to list at the original directive renaming district leadership zone chairs and redrawing districts into zones.