SmugMug Buys Out Flickr

As an avid user of these two photo-sharing services could not be happier with the latest news that SmugMug has acquired Flickr. Verizon’s subsidiary Oath had acquired and now sold the fourteen year old Flickr. There was some weakness in the product as with yahoo that Verizon also owns. SmugMug CEO Don MacAskill told USA Today, he wasn't exactly sure of plans for Flickr and “It sounds silly for the CEO to not to totally know what he’s going to do, but we haven’t built SmugMug on a master plan either. We try to listen to our customers and when enough of them ask for something that’s important to them or to the community, we go and build it.”

While Oath hasn't demonstrated much success with its brand and instead has been selling off properties SmugMug has been a stellar success providing regular updates to its client gallery interface and remains steadfastly committed to excellence with its existing service provision and plans to run the brands separately with the likelihood that Flickr will move onto the Smugmug infrastructure backbone in the future.

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