IFBB Atlantic Coast Pro-Am 2018 Results

Congratulations Champions. The IFBB Atlantic Coast Pro-Am was held on March 24, 2018 in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida and promoted by Tim Gardner Productions. There were four pro divisions including Women’s Physique, Figure Over 40, Men’s Physique & Men’s Physique Over 40. Contest placings are as follows:

Women’s Physique 1. Natalia Abraham Coelho, Winter Gardens, Florida 2. Marjorie Beck, Brazil 3. Brittany Watts, West Palm Beach, Florida 4. Valentina Mishina, Russia 5. Jeannie Feldman, Miami, Florida 6. Krista Dunn, Broomfield, Colorado 7. Katherine Hall, Conyers, Georgia 8. Candice Carr, Trinidad/Tobago 9. Wendy, Morrell, SW Ranches, Florida

Men’s Physique 1. Jeph Gabriel, Greenacres, Florida 2. Steven Cao, Davie Florida 3. Louis Dominique Corbeil, Quebec, Canada 4. Greg Brant, Jacksonville, Florida 5. Edward Alvarez, Charlotte, North Carolina 6. Khali Quartey, Houston, Texas 7. Travales Blount, Orlando, Florida 8. Geobanny Paula, Miami, Florida 9. Kevin Nguyen, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina 10. Renato Menezes, Brazil 11. Leon McCall, Port Wentworth, Georgia 12. Charles Thornton, Chicago, Illinois 13. Byron Harris, Fate, Texas 14. Jacques Dalce, West Palm Beach, Florida 15. Clay Payne, Tallahassee, Florida 16. Ty Pope, Sanford, Florida 16. Douglas LaForge, Middleton, New York 16. Tony Lynch, Katy, Texas 16. Troy Williams, Missouri City, Texas 16. Nathan Wonsley, Tampa, Florida -Casey Christopher, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Masters Men’s Physique 1. Travales Blount, Orlando, Florida 2. Charles Thornton, Chicago, Illinois 3. Troy Williams, Missouri City, Texas 4. Jason Crawford, Ontario, Canada 5. Tony Lynch, Katy, Texas 6. Ty Pope, Sanford, Florida 7. Douglas LaForge, Middletown, New York 8. Nathan Wonsley, Tampa, Florida

Classic Physique Over 40 1. Marc Jacobs, Miami Springs, Florida 2. Chris Niemczyk, Boynton Beach, Florida

Masters Figure 1. Zuleica Rezende, Deerfield, Florida 2. Alessandra Pinheiro, Brazil

Masters Bikini Over 40 1. Elizabeth Stanton, Lake Mary, Florida

For more information on the event visit www.Timgardnerproductions.com.

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