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How Will Arnold 2018 South America, Africa & Europe Be Selected?

Now that invite lists are out for the 2018 Arnold Classic Columbus & Australia, Pro League events things get unusual as the next several shows in South America (April 20th), Africa (May 18) and Europe (Sept. 21) are affiliated with the international amateur IFBB that started their own fledgling Elite Pro circuit.

Do invites go out to existing IFBB Pros that are largely committed to the IFBB Pro League circuit or maybe to the new Elite Pro IFBB athletes coming out of their pro qualifiers in Spain (Feb.), Brazil (March), Greece (March), Malta & Slovakia in April ahead of the Arnold in Sao Paulo on the 20th? The international amateur organization doesn't have a strong history of turning out pros via measures we are accustomed to in the sense if you win you don't necessarily under them actually get a pro card as they might choose someone else, require further payment, etc. Will they actually try to seed their pro circuit with the thousands needed across all divisions or keep numbers to a trickle via the various means they have done in the past? Pressure is on them as after the largest field of IFBB Pro League athletes takes the stage in Columbus and then focus moves to the seamless operations of Tony in Melbourne the ball will be in their court.

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