Melted Photography; New Tampa Bay Classic Photography Company

Melted Photography; New Tampa Bay Classic Photography Company. I'm following Melted Photography the new company that shot the 2016 Tampa Bay Classic the same as I follow everyone shooting federation events in Florida and match or beat their pricing. They've put an update on their pricing along with time schedule for releasing images. Pricing is: Web Ready (good for Facebook, Instagram, etc). 480px wide. $15.00 (with model release) without release $20.00. Medium (good for prints up to 8×10) 2400px wide (with model release) $20.00 or $25.00 without release. Hi-Res (good for poster size and more) Full resolution (with model release) $35.00 without release $40.00.

Time schedule is: "We understand that everyone is anxious to see their shots and we ask for your patience while we sort through them and do our edits. It will take us a few days to get the first round up and a couple of weeks to get through them all. The best way for us to stay in touch with you is through the site. Please register with us as soon as possible."

My thoughts: It will be interesting to see if they return next year, which would be an indication this approach works for them and/or that they are dedicated to the proposition of covering fitness competitions and sorting out the details as they go. There pricing and time schedule for releasing images is more of a traditional approach than what we commonly see now with rapid release of bulk images in galleries that can be readily shared for free in web ready format. It behooves me not to poo poo their approach as in fact it may be a more sustainable business model than mine. The model release is a good approach if they are planning to use the images with third party companies like stock photography firms as even though the entry forms for shows notes you will be photographed no major stock photography firms I know of will accept that as an official model release. Ten of their high resolution images at their $40 each rate would be twice the most expensive rate in the state, which is Arno's $200 show cd price. The web ready size at 480px width that they offer for $20 compares to's 800px width images that I post between prejudging and finals and 512px width giveaway downloads in my galleries. Musclepapa & Scott Photo Works in the panhandle pricing on each competitors complete collection of stage images in full resolution is $45. North American Bodies in South Florida charges $60 for all your stage images. Taking weeks to release the images seems like a problem if they seek to be competitive with the other shooters not only in Florida, but throughout the country. Scott Photo Works doesn't provide them in galleries either, which it could be presumed the rationale is to avoid giving anything away, which could contribute to lower sales. Another problem is "the buzz" about shows (as seen in gallery view counts & tracking social media response) lasts only a few days after the show exacerbated by the fact that athletes are often prepping for their next show that could be as early as the next week in a show circuit that has multiple shows each week. If there are no available images circulating online fewer people are continuing to talk-up the event and visiting as possible purchasers. And I hate registering for sites. This bleeds over into the way I run websites and do not offer or require sign ups as Melted Photography has to view images. Sign ups can certainly a good business strategy though as you can then send registered members of your site/s further sales solicitations. As the guy whose been shooting shows the longest in the area, but admittedly doesn't make a ton of money off of it that's my take for what it's worth, which ain't much