Novice Bikini Renegade Classic 2016

Every class at any bodybuilding contest can have its own tension and character as was the case with the bikini novice class at the Renegade Classic 2016. Athletes were allowed to do individual posing during prejudging followed by comparisons. A fitness competitor, bodybuilders, men's & women's physique and classic physique had already gone when these eight ladies took the stage.

As the name novice suggests these aren't expected to be seasoned champions, but the stable from whence champions emerge. Three ladies, Katie Newton (35; 1st), Kasey Vaughn (36: 2nd) Aloma Atchison (41; 3rd) worked through starting on the outside with two front and back poses before switching sides and doing three more front and back posing comparisons. Katie and Kasey had been posing together side by side. Two blondes somewhat in sync as they went through their poses and together achieving a victory in the movement to the center. Aloma distinguished herself and came to join her new friends in the center.

As much as one can see its worth stating you can see the shared joy of their time on stage together focused on achieving goals and being their best.

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