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There's Something About That Girl

Since seeing Janet Layug competing in the NPC Florida Central District in '13 before turning pro it was obvious she was something special. While watching the web stream of the 2016 Arnold Classic the guest commentators took their best shots at what it is that causes this women to stand out in a lineup.

The camera angles as more than half were from boom cranes on the sides and above didn't showcase her greatest strengths. To do that they would have had to stay focused on that face from the audiences perspective. Dave Palumbo credited her height with being a key factor. Don't know what to say about that.

From my experience shooting her on amateur and professional stages Janet's strength is in her appealing facial features and emotional engagement with the audience while presenting her world class physique.

As someone who enjoys shooting athletes with their clothes on one could not ask for a model with more pleasing features and expressive engagement. As an excellent and experienced model (Regular at the Hooters International Vegas Events) she is skilled in making the appropriate movements to showcase her physique as an athlete with alluring appeal. She's able to float the hair around her face framing different looks that's quite literally captivating. Like the Siren's of Greek mythology one feels quite powerless to resist her charms lured out of curiosity, which is quite the historic approach of women to attract men in more Victorian leaning cultural eras where its less about physique and more about connection and engagement with her audience. Janet from the first show I witnessed her perform would have had my support even if only as a head wheeled out on a cart.

Congratulations Janet on your continuing stellar representation for bikini competitors and everyone else that aspires to present themselves well.

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