Brand Coaching: Ambassadors

With my brand coaching clients there is a reoccurring them of clients wanting to find sponsorship and somewhat appeal to other business without knowing a ton necessarily about those companies budgets for marketing, etc. My advice will continue to be to first and foremost focus on developing YOUR OWN BRAND. My degree is in communications. I've been working in digital content since '96. Whereas companies used to advertise in 1)yellow pages, 2)newspapers and magazines, 3)radio, 4)television nowadays a growing portion of the marketing budget is spent on social. If a magazine charges $5000 for a full page ad that they claim has a 250,000 issue distribution and three people will see each issue (750,000 reach) how much product does a supplement company have to sell to make THAT investment worthwhile compared to having 100 brand ambassadors pimping product for a 10% share of profits on product sold through their product code? Asked another way: How much product do the brand ambassadors have to sell to amount to $5000 if they get 10% share of profit on product sold? Well we don't know the profit variable, but if we figure $20 per $100 sold then ten percent of profit is only $2. So the brand ambassadors to earn $5000 would have to sell $250,000 worth of product, which I doubt any mag could qualify how an ad in their mag would yield a $250,000 return on investment. Building your own brand is key for companies to even consider you for pimping their products. If you are any good whatsoever (and you all are) then sell your own shit direct and cut out all the middlemen. The regulars that follow you are essentially fans. Many of them are fanatical and possibly a bit creepy, but their money is green and the craziest of the bunch will probably purchase all your bobbleheads, empty perfume bottles, toe nail clippings, body hair etc. ‪#‎justsayin‬, ‪#‎boysgotbills‬. Seriously though ALWAYS work on your brand within your own comfort zone and sensibilities, but building YOUR OWN BRAND being your own ambassador treating your social, web and other work as your personal media channel to voice your inspirational and motivational truisms is key.

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