Did Oksana Grishina Spill Da Beans Prematurely Before the Arnold Columbus?

Did Oksana Grishina Spill Da Beans Prematurely Before the Arnold Columbus? In an era where athletes stay covered up in their pre-show workout videos and are quite secretive about their planned performances Oksana the reigning Ms Fitness Olympia and Ms Fitness International Champion NOT ONLY shares that she plans to perform to Michael Jackson music, but shares actual routine training footage in the Muscle Insider produced video by David Pierre Bourlet on Feb. 16th three weeks out from the big show! Oksana has a tough field of ten other top pro fitness divas to contend with including Michelle Blank, Myriam Capes, Regiane da Silva, Giorgia Foroni, Ryall Graber, Tanji Johnson, Whitney Jones,Piia Pajunen, Missy Terwilliger & Bethany Wagner. Although much beloved by fans Oksana still has much to prove from a statistical perspective having two Arnold Classic titles to her name behind Susie Curry's four and Adela Garcia's five. Many that follow the sport favored Oksana for more titles than she received, which is all part of the Russian immigrant's legacy. She's on top now and it will take either a misstep by her or another truly amazing athlete to take her spot. Oksana seems almost unbeatable with her combination of artistry, athleticism, physical stature & beauty juxtaposed by her gentle and estrogen laden feminine personality. Oksana's performances are something to be savored like a spoonful of peanut butter following a bland diet. So be ready as this year's Arnold Classic will be web streamed by Dan Solomon's www.DigitalMuscle.com. With the foremost authorities NPCNewOnline.com, FlexOnline.com along with MuscularDevelopment.com providing still photography, forum play by play and interviews of the nearly 200 best of the IFBB performing in Columbus.

LINK: www.youtube.com/watch?v=X81w7mxXVnw

Prejudging is Friday, March 4 at 11am with finals at 7pm.

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