French Skinny Models & Photoshop Law

French MPs approved new law requiring models in France to have a doctor certify they are healthy. Legislation came about from public pressure over the French modeling industries ongoing bad publicity associated with eating disorders and unhealthy displays of emaciated male and female models. No rigid standard was set with physicians being able to make the determination within the flexibility of the new rules. According to research the French women's average BMI at 23.2 is the lowest in Western Europe.

Along with the doctors certification those using the images for commercial purposes that publish them are required under the same law to lable the images retouched or photoshopped.

Both stipulations could have far reaching impacts on not only the potentially healthier look of model, but how publishers deal with the photoshop rules. Is increasing the contrast or vibrance on a batch of images by the legal definition photoshopping and requires labeling? Are their any images that aren't in print? Maybe the ones that aren't photoshopped should be labeled which might be simpler.

"Failure to provide a certificate will be punishable by up to six months in jail and a fine of €75,000 (around £54,500)," according to the Guardian. "Modelling agencies also attacked the law. “It’s very serious to conflate anorexia with the thinness of models and it ignores the fact that anorexia is a psychogenic illness,” Isabelle Saint-Felix, secretary general of Synam, which represents around 40 modelling agencies in France, told AFP."

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