Personal Trainer Principle in Major Miami Drug Bust

The Miami Herald broke the story on Nov. 21, 2015 with, "The investigation that cracked open one of the largest synthetic drug rings in Miami history began with an angry naked porn star jumping on her boyfriend’s white Porsche.The police call to that lovers spat would eventually lift the lid on a cast of characters straight out of a Hollywood buddy movie. In the leading roles: Matthew Anich and Jorge Ramon Hernandez, two guys who boasted seemingly straight-arrow backgrounds of college degrees and military experience but also shared a taste for Miami’s flashy club culture. Miami

They pumped iron, co-owned a tattoo shop, drove fancy cars and chased an array of party girls — all while, prosecutors say, secretly importing club drugs from shady Chinese labs and enlisting a crew of well-placed associates: Sexual conquests wired money overseas and picked up shipments; strippers and at least one DJ peddled pills that brought in millions of dollars. Interactive map: Busting a Miami Molly ring “It’s like a film that can only happen in Miami,” said Edward J. O’Donnell IV, who is representing one defendant in the case. “It’s like a cross between Pain and Gain, Wild Things and Bachelor Party."


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