Pavel Ythjall famed photographer & wife in auto accident

Well known fitness industry photographer and videographer Pavel Ythjall and his wife IFBB Pro Katherine Ythjall were reportedly in an automobile accident according to Pavel's exwife and business partner Pauline Nordin.

Nordin appealed to her audience on Sunday, Dec. 7 with this message,

"Please keep Pavel Ythjall, the photographer of my photos and his wife in your thoughts. They were in a severe car accident Saturday night. They're hospitalized. Pavel will recover over time, Kat needs our positive thoughts and prayers. I'm hoping for a miracle because she if anyone deserves it. I love Pavel to death. He's my best friend, my business partner, my everything here in America. We came here together. Kat is Pavel's one true love. She changed him into the man he is today. She is his angel. I'm thankful for all your concern about how I am doing but please don't think about me, think and care for these two souls. Pavel is an essential part of Fighter Diet and I'm doing my best taking over his part of it right now. Please have patience if things are a bit slower. I have a fantastic team behind me and we will keep on steering the ship. I'm the president of Fighter Diet and with that I have responsibility to keep us all positive and stay strong and that's what we will do. When life gets tough the tough get going."

We have not been able to find any news reports with further details at this time.

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