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Fitness Class Matching Subscription Service

Ever like a spin class instructor or particular yoga, crossfit or MMA instructor's class, but you don't want to buy into a bigger package or location membership? ClassPass is a 2014 start up fitness class subscription service in select cities that for $99 per month affords members the opportunity to take different classes at a different location in varied disciplines the entire month long.

Founder Payal Kadakia came up with the idea and started small after a bad experience trying to find certain classes for herself. She partnered with experienced marketer Mary Biggins who with a two million dollar launch they went from 50,000 class reservations to over one million this year.

As a result of their rapid success in September ClassPass recieved an additional $12 million in capital infusion to expand to keep up with growth.

Credit to Fortune Magazine for breaking this story the source of this one:

How one Fitness entrepreneur raised $14 million.

Founder Payal Kadakia: Source Fortune Magazine

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