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Traci Rea Ivey Faces the Challenge

Still looking sharp four days after taking the women's physique pro card at NPC Nationals in Miami Traci reflected today on the last several weeks and the emotional rollercoaster she went through. After NPC All South she changed her cardio regimen moving to the street doing sprints versus using the stairmaster. There were tweaks to posing and her routine. With the support of her husband/workout partner they double checked all aspects of preparation in consultation with her coaches Don Long & Sarah Long.

Shoot location: Jax Beach, 1800 images shoot yield, 2hrs, delivery within one week.

Debrief Notes: Pressed her to launch her website. Husband noted their current branding and one domain purchase thus far. Encouraged them to do more youtube videos for advertising profit sharing with google along with ppv & download movie clip store through vimeo pro account. Her and her hubby need to strike while its hot and the sooner you start the more experience you will have sooner allowing time to develop a profitable business strategy over the life of her career.

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