MARKETING 101: PRESS RELEASES It seems we have forgotten some basics about getting a message out to a wider audience in the "bodybuilding community." A tried and true method for decades has been fashioning press releases about events, occurrences, activities,...the who, what, when, where, why & how's of stories that news reporters and editors might can pick up and run with for their next story. Nowadays more so than possibly ever there are more writers scratching and digging for content that we were taught in j-school to look for in press releases.

While it sounds boring to write a news release you can also use the same formatted content on your website and social media. If you carefully make sure that all the pertinent information is available (again: who, what, when, where, why & how) it will make your writings much more effective in getting your message out.

Here is one of many good sources of info on the topic of creating a good news release:

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