Aleksandra Rudenko Criticized by UK's The Sun for looking older due to Bodybuilding

UK Gossip Publication The Sun blames bodybuilding rather than lighting and hair color for a critique that Aleksandra Rudenko looks much older. Headline is, "How did this 24-year-old get the face of an old woman in ONE year?" The story goes on to state, "NEW pictures show how a pretty young woman took up bodybuilding - and then appeared to age 30 YEARS in just 12 months." Quotes critical of the comparison photos on Instagram were the basis of The Sun piece.

Rudenko was in contest mode at the time for the World Fitness Championship in Budapest that she finished with a top ten finish.

She has posted image since on social media that don't lend themselves to the criticism that she looks 54 years old as the story claimed. Lighting and hair color along with hair being a bit frizzy made for a varied look from the 2014 image, but mostly the difference was improvements in her musculature from what appears to be a good diet and exercise program. More reporters at The Sun might should try it.

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