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Advise given Kristen Dumont this morning that can be applicable to more than just her 42gb- 6700 images from our shoot, BUT applicable to my other clients typically receiving 1500-2500 images per shoot:

1)Think about categorizing and breaking down by poses.

2)Selectively filter some, crop some, etc as part of some broader marketing scheme.

3)Think of incorporating them in your clearly thought out and written down advertising/marketing campaign where you might apply motivational/inspirational words on some that were shot in landscape format and release with a certain periodicity/schedule over weeks and months.

4)As we are approaching the new year consider developing a business/marketing plan associated with your competition season that these images and future photo & video could be tailored too.

You've got your feet wet, but this should only be the beginning.

5)Obtain a local business license in your community that would legitimize your capturing all your competition expenses as marketing related that can reduce your tax burden and be the basis for a profitable business.

6) In earnest apply yourself to start making money as an amateur competitor marketing your own videos on sites like's pro service where you can sell pay per view videos and download clips. Start a website easily with a site such as to steer fans and clients to your offerings.

Note: You don't have to be an IFBB pro to make money in fitness. Most people earning pro status won't apply themselves to make more than they spend. Most of the people making money whether pros or amateur athletes have a thought out business plan and didn't get there by accident. Writing down brainstorming ideas, developing a strategy, executing that strategy and tweaking it like you do your diet and training to be successful is key.

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