MARKETING 101: FOLLOW THE LEADERS; Producing your own video as I suggest to competitors can be a daunting task. Questions include: 1)What sort of camera do I need? 2)How long does the video need to be? 3)Do I need to edit them and if so with what? 4)How often do I put them out and where? 5)Charging versus freebie; how do I know if I can sell them versus giving content away or building up a youtube ad sharing affiliate program? RESPONSE: Firstly, I've been producing video for my own youtube & vimeo sites along with for other clients including individual small business operators and Flex magazine, Muscle & Fitness Hers, Muscular Development, Fitness Rx for Men & Fitness Rx for women along with other fitness industry and other industry operators.

A simple template to get someone started and over the writer/producer stumbling block is to use the example of Nicole Wilkins and Ashley Kaltwasser at Fitness Rx for Women. For a considerable time both ladies would produce four videos per month in order that one per week could be released. In Nicole's example there would be two Q&As answering fan questions and two Exercise Demonstrations.

The camera can be a simple $150 hd video camera purchased at WalMart or any major electronics retailer. The videos would be 3-5 minutes typically. A simple intro and outro with text and music along with a watermark applied to the entire work can be easily added via numerous programs that may range from $50-200. The videos should be released in this example once per week on the same day preferably. I'd suggest housing them primarily on vimeo and secondarily on your youtube account. With a vimeo pro account you create a teaser clip of about one minute and then at the end it will offer your full length clip for whatever price you set for pay per view and download purchase. You could give your Q&As away and provide teaser clips to your work out clips that to watch the full length you'd charge. The teaser clip you create to go with the workout video on vimeo you could cross promote on youtube and all the clips likewise promote on your social media accounts and "your own website." Think of your website as a place to catelog everything you have to sell in one easy to navigate location for your clients.

As with building your body through diet and exercise "consistency" is key to branding and building a client/customer base. The longer you wait the more difficult it can be. The sooner you start the quicker you learn the ins and outs and start making a return on investment besides the intrinsic value that draws you to the stage.