IFBB PRO Ben Pakulski has been called out by numerous members of the "fitness intelligencia" (opposite bro scientists) including John Meadows over plaigerism in a recent publication.

Meadows wrote at Muscular Development Forum today, "My involvement was simply that since I had this experience with that Jaco De Bryun guy, I was asked if I thought this was bad? I looked at the two sources side by side, and yes to me it is blatant. People who have never built anything will say who cares, but for those who pour their life's work into something, well it does suck when someone cuts and pastes it without giving credit. I personally enjoy giving credit to others and the respect and camaraderie it brings amongst like minded folks, but that's just me. IMO the best course of action would have been for the guy who wrote it to man up and just ask for forgiveness, instead of claiming he didn't steal when it is really obvious. You can fool some of the people some of the time....but.... "

Pakulksi, a Canadian native is a transplant to Tampa, Florida having recently opened his own high-end gym training facility Mi40 Gym and is highly regarded by many in the fitness community though controversial and considered arrogant as was portrayed in the Generation Iron theater movie production.

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