So after shooting with this kid (Natalia Abraham Coelho) & her mom for only her second photoshoot both of which I've shot I find myself asking her if she has plans to make money off the sport that though only 19yrs old she has being involved with now for three years. Natalia does have plans and is a driven young athlete whose majoring in pre-med, doing some work as a certified personal trainer, prepping for contests such as nationals and still trying to fit in some time to be a normal teenager.

My intent in asking was to prod her as I do all athletes to realize they have more than a brand to fashion around something to sell, but to further the vision that everyone has a story to tell that is unique from everyone else.

While we don't need to know another person's story they often are the catalyst, the fuel of someone else's motivation and inspiration. We have unprecedented potential with rather limitless direct access to an audience. I studied to get my degree in journalism at a time where I deeply valued the concept of leaving a legacy. While a legacy means different things to different people that's part of the joy of documenting it autobigraphically to share your vision, what you see and how you portray the world around you.

As a beginner competitor or multi-Olympia title holder the challenge is the same to orient your activities in such a way as to not only succeed, but have others perceive and appreciate the values that got you there. Who would you trust to tell your story in your absence? You can do it yourself with a $150hd camera these days and people like me can school you for free in info on google (lol) on ways to make a dollar off of your audience rather than the autobiography sitting in a dusty library (if you were lucky in decades past).

There are so many ways you can share of yourself and not sell-out your values, but hopefully sell out of whatever it is you are putting out that others want in the form of good examples for healthy living. That would be one way to pitch it or whatever it is that you find worthwhile to share that which is your road to your Olympia whatever that is whether it be a contest win, seeing your children graduate college or a 30th wedding anniversary. Its your story.

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