Pratical: VIMEO PRO

In years past athletes wanting to make money on the web would have some pay site backend super structure run by a creepy superfan in connection with some porn syndicate possibly run offshore. The entire atmosphere around such ventures was anything but socially acceptable behavior.

Nowadays, sites like vimeo with their pro service is my go to recommendation for the newbie ministerial bodybuilder to ex-porn star turned athlete who wants to be able to sell some video content.

For an annual fee vimeo pro allows you to load an additional 20gb of content each week, which also means they are paying for the data transfer of content your customers are downloading after purchasing from you. That's a big advantage versus your own pay site where the multiplier effect of a large volume of downloads could ratchet up data transfer expenses "back in the day."

There is pay-per-view functionality built in also where you can charge any price for whatever you put up. You can also do ppv and download opportunities for the same content for your fans/ potential clients.

Stop merely experimenting to see how many views you get and what sort of feedback from people with videos posted to social media. Start putting up content for sale at vimeo and share the shorter teasers from each production on social media and your website and then LET'S SEE WHO PUTS THEIR MONEY WHERE THEIR MOUTH IS. A thousand dollars spends better than a 1000 likes. Maybe you can convert some of those likes to dollars. If not maybe you either need to tweak your video content for audience appeal or check yourself. If you are waiting for someone to "discover" you in this industry you are in for a rude awakening. If you are looking for someone to help you manage yourself to better promote yourself contact me for more information on ways I can help.


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