2015 Media Reflections

2015 MEDIA REFLECTIONS: Nowadays after nationals the source of news from the contest is much more on the athletes social media than any other one place. Nowadays the widest extent of contest news is at NPC News Online. Pro shows and most national level NPC contests are covered by Muscular Development. RxMuscle, a one-time spinoff by MD employees has disregarded show coverage as a priority.

This is far different than a decade ago when Isaac at Hardbody.com did extensive coverage of the female side of the sport as did Siouxcountry.com that served almost as a news aggregate for all things NPC & IFBB female competitor oriented.

Today neither of these old sites have updates about Nationals. Flex largely discontinued coverage of all but a handful of the pro shows and bodybuilding.com is going a different direction no longer purchasing stage photography from Isaac Hinds and other contributors and shutting down many of the contest pages that for years were the primary source of finding contest placings via google search. My work is more athlete centric nowadays, which for one thing is safer as I don't get caught in the controversies of how to deal with multiple clients who feel "they should have placed higher" versus focusing now more on "are my clients doing all they need to do with photo, video, webwork and social to properly position themselves." Operators like John Hansen do a good job of providing show coverage and we often have some overlap in that regard shooting virtually the same angles from seats next to one another. There are lots of other sites that cover mostly drummed up controversies related to the sport for entertainment purposes as their core news value.

Part of the takeaway from this I'd hope is that its increasingly difficult to know where to go to safely plug into a source of good information and I'd highly recommend www.NPCNewsOnline.com that's the official federation news outlet with the largest number of shows covered each week and most up to date information from the federation itself to address not only contest results, but news you need to know such as rule changes and regulations. I'd hope you continue to visit my Facebook page and website www.Musclepapa.com if I can be of service to you in some way that's how I make a living and appreciate the opportunities you would avail to me.

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