October 19, 2019 video release from Neil Patel SEO Expert
Musclepapa.com Takeaways:

TEST 1: Test Headlines for improved google results.
Patel suggested the use of clickflow.com title tag testing tool.

-Can't merely slop words together without consideration of SEO and platform.
-Add things like year to end of title and then update old content 2019 to 2020 etc.
-Framing headling as an "Asked Question" and "Evoking curiosity" are techniques that improve headline effectiveness.

TEST 2: Creating separate headlines for Social & SEO.
-Getting Best of Both Worlds: “Shocking!” works for FB but not Google as its considered clickbait on the latter. Different platforms engage differently and measures of success are different. So create different headlines for the same content on different platforms.
-A tool to help in this is Facebook Open Graph Sharing Debugger: https://developers.facebook.com/tools/debug/sharing/


TEST 3: Creating less content, but more updating old content.
-Patel noted he writes one blog per week and three on his staff update 90 post uper week with the updates being legitimate updates for quality and user experience not merely tweaks. This strategy once he has built a base of strong content and audience is helping him move up from 4 million visits per month to 5.3 mill visits per month.


TEST 4: Improving User Time on Site.
-Embedding video & audio files improves time on site.
-Slide shows with www.slideshare.net (Linkedin) is a worthwhile content addition.
-Internal linking to other content on site helps keep traffic on site.
Quizes help keep people engaged on site.
-Asking for engagement and responding back.


TEST 5: Load html files from a CDN (Content Delivery Network)
-CDN companies have servers around the world (cloud flare) to provide faster loading of content on your website host server in various local markets around the world. As google SERP ranks sites based on load-speed


TEST 6: Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) & Search Intent.
-Optimize conversions for revenue by focusing on higher volume long-tail phrases (key words) and CPC as higher CPC typically denotes greater intent to purchase. Resubmit tweaked content into google webmaster tools. Request new indexing.


-Google Artificial Intelligence (AI) is transcribing audio to further rank it in search. Thus, good quality audio in video further benefits its ranking related to key words.
-Another advantage of Youtube is the faster ranking (24-48hrs) with youtube algorithm as compared to google crawling websites.
-Although for
shear volume Patel aknowledged 3x the views on his written content, but he produces 3 videos per week and just one blog due to the strenght
of video content in overall marketing significance.

What does Musclepapa.com have to do with Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?


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