How To Harness SEO For The Holidays

1. Optimize your content with holiday keywords.

If your “regular-season” SEO is already optimized for keywords that are leading users directly to your website, you really do not have to overthink your strategy for leveraging holiday-specific keywords. Check out keyword ideas in Google Trends, Analytics, Search Console, Keyword Planner, or SEMrush to see what kinds of search terms are the most popular from, say, early October to late December.

2. Create holiday landing pages and content.

These two ideas go hand in hand. First, your new holiday pages will be more likely to rank during the holidays than the standard product pages you’ve been using all year. So, those pages will give Google something to find, but then your on-page content will have to be optimized for the holidays, too.

Devising a holiday content strategy is no great mystery. Your landing page content should advertise your unique place in the world of holiday products, using the keywords you researched to link users to the pages of your site where people can find more products.

3. Enhance your backlink profile.

Backlinks are always tremendously important for SEO, but they can really come through for you during the holidays. A sufficient set of high-quality backlinks does what it should be doing when it tells search engines that your site is trustworthy and relevant to certain types of users.

That is the SEO aspect of backlinks. At the same time, links to your web pages showing up in influencer blog posts do a lot of your advertising legwork for you, as readers of those blogs can follow those links to buy something they have just read about and are clearly interested in around the holidays.

Now, acquiring those links is not exactly like going to the store to buy bread. Only a historically authoritative brand with quality content on pages optimized for SEO is going to earn those quality links, so building your backlink profile for the holidays won't happen overnight.


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