2022 Digital Summit, Phoenix Seminar

Creating a Keyword Research Driven SEO Strategy

with Robert Berousek, Dealer Inspire

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Images from Berousek's lecture at Digital Summit 2022

-Learn how to do actionable keyword research
-Determine what is worth pursuing and what tools

to use when creating your plan.
-Execute your SEO plan that targets relevant users

in each section of the buying funnel.

Google Search Console:
1. Core page updates.
2. Quick wins (high impressions + page 2 rankings = holy grail)
3. Your site is already being seen- Impressions only count if

a user actually scrolls past your link.

Consider SemRush or other 3rd Party Tools:
-Filter By Position, Volume, & Difficulty.
-See pages associated with those keywords, see the average SERP,

see who else is ranking.

Research Competitors:
1. See their top traffic driving pages (estimated)
2. Keywords ranking for those pages.
3. Can you make a better version? (use the SERPs)

How can I test random ideas?
1. Do people actually search the keywords I think they do? (Keyword magic tool in SEMRush)
2. Test ideas that you’ve seen or heard.
3. Where can I get some ideas?
www.answerthepublic.com & Google Analytics

Create Your Plan:
-What is the buying funnel? Awareness (top), Interest & Desire (middle), and Action (bottom).
-Why does the buying funnel matter for keyword research?
-How do I take these keywords I’ve gathered and what do I prioritize first?
-How do I make an actionable SEO plan?

Each Keyword You’ve Chosen To Target Needs To Be Put Into A Bucket.
-This ensures a balanced plan targeting every user possible.
-Ensures All Questions Are Getting Answered.
-Ensures Once People Find You They Come Back or Stay.

*A full user journey usually results in higher rankings.
*Users need to be able to do all actions through the buying funnel on your site. Search results are different for each user because every user has different INTENT, so hitting every intent with your plan matters.

*Results are unique to each user. We could all search the same thing and we would all get different results, plan for that.

How Do I Bucket Keywords?
1. Awareness (new users) Top of funnel.
2. Interested (Getting them back)
3. Desire (Consideration/ Planning)
4. Action (Actually doing the thing)

How Do You Execute Your Plan?
-Prioritize your pages and keywords.
-Set goals that matter for your business.
-Keep it all organized.
-Always be monitoring.
CURT’s Prioritization Pyramid
(bottom to the top of the pyramid)
-Boost Existing Rankings (GSC + GA)
-Fill in your gaps from the buying funnel
-Answering Unanswered Questions (answerthepublic.com)
-Conquesting Competitor Pages (Third-party tools)
-Do It All Over Again

S- Specific
M- Measurable
A- Achievable
R- Relevant
T- Timebound

Ongoing Monitoring:
-Document your starting positions, traffic, goals, timeline, and anything else important.
-Track your progress regularly.
-If progress is not being made reevaluate your initial goals.
-Good SEO takes time.
-Always look for more opportunities.

-80% of customers believe the experience they have with a company is just as important as its product/service.
-83% of millennials find it important that the brand they choose to buy from has values that align with their own.


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