2022 Digital Summit, Phoenix Seminar

What’s Trending How To Break Free From

The Buzzwords For Hyper-Focused SEO

with Rachel Hernandez, Director of Brand

Strategy for the HOTH.


Tiktok: thehothseothehoth.com/blog

Photos from Rachel Hernandez presentation

at 2022 Digital Summit LINK

Hernandez Explains:
-Why SEO is a necessary part of your brand strategy.
-How to not waste time writing 50 blogs that don’t get

traffic and rankings.
-How to get natural, authoritative backlinks without

having to ask for them.

Brand Strategy and SEO
-Not viral - evergreen and builds on itself organically.
-Solid SEO means providing value, resources, and a great user experience.
-Connect to your mission statement and values.
-No need to worry about algorithms if you’re focused on this “North Star”
-Your users will appreciate you, too.

Refresh Existing Content
-Review what’s ranking for your target keyword.
-Pay close attention to headers, content yours is lacking, etc.
-Update internal links, external links, headers.
-OnPage SEO= alt text, meta descriptions, slug, etc.
-Think topical authority rather than keyword density.
-Republish the post with today’s date- recrawled.

Include a QR Code.
-Add tools, which improves traffic and BACKLINKS.


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