Time for 2020 Digital Brand Marketing Strategy

by John Hawley

With every shooting opportunity, the window of the mind has to be open to not merely shooting to post to one platform, but how that content can be multi-purposed to provide value on other platforms. If the shooting opportunity is passed and you missed that shot angle required to fit one of your platform campaigns you failed. If you've squeezed every last bit of value from your shoot time then it was a success. There will always be room for improvement though and you must constantly push forward making the most of each opportunity in order to progress.

A photo might be good for branding as an infographic as according to the Wharton School of Business that type of content is remembered by 80% of viewers as opposed to less than 20% retention of text only.

That same photo edited differently might fit into a Before & After marketing campaign or to demonstrate products and services individually or among a collection of others.

While it isn't a recommended marketing strategy to use all of your content in the same way across all platforms as audience interests and platform algorithms vary paying attention to separating out each batch of photos and video based on its value to the brand on each platform while in the producers' workflow streamlines the process, provides greater efficiency and cost savings.

Copywriting blog material for websites along with the tailored text accompanying photo and video for the myriad of social platforms involves developing branded language. Good copywriting requires more than dreaming-up topics and putting pen to paper.  Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the catch-all-phrase for focusing copywriting with keywords that raise the profile of the brand in markets where every word has measurable search volume. For instance "lawn care" has over 3x the search volume of "lawn maintenance". So if trying to reach the most clients looking for the same service which term is most beneficial to use depending on your DIGITAL BRAND MARKETING STRATEGY? 

There are numerous competitive research tools used by digital marketing professionals today to determine precisely which words are best to use depending on what you are trying to achieve with your copywriting. Knowing what your competitors are doing and having success and failure with provides you information that helps you better develop your DIGITAL BRAND MARKETING STRATEGY. 😙

Developing your strategic plan and writing it down is the first step toward implementation in 2020. Follow the plan up with tracking your campaign results with analytic tools across all platforms. Hold yourself accountable to your written digital brand marketing strategy in 2020 and keep moving forward toward your goals with success.


As we are approaching the end of 2019 and as we look ahead to digital brand marketing in 2020 it is worth recognizing how far our teams have come and taking a moment to review our baseline understanding of how we got there. After all the back-slapping of congratulations along with a few face slaps for the failures and missteps it is time to move forward toward progress in 2020 by developing your 2020 DIGITAL BRAND MARKETING STRATEGY.

As part of that my own photography/videography workflow priority in 2020 is to continue shooting & editing marketing/educational/entertaining content and IMPROVE delivery of STRATEGICALLY editing content on Facebook, Youtube, Website, IG, Google My Business, TikTok & Pinterest.


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