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Base rate photoshoot 1-2 hour shoot time all images to you in high resolution with no watermarks and full shared copyright. No fees or further permissions required to use them as you see fit as our photography service is as a contractor for you. We retain these same rights. Contact for rates and to schedule.





$50 Photo/video

Reservation payment

Standard for shoots is a $50 reservation fee that is deducted from shoot balance. Two hour minimum. Note: Shoots more than 100 miles from Jacksonville and not as part of our event coverage weekends around the state are subject to travel time & mileage charges and discussed on a case by case basis.


“To reserve the Session Date and time slot the Client shall pay to, upon execution of this Agreement, a non-refundable reservation fee in the amount of $50.00. Client understands and agrees that will not book other sessions during this time. In the event that Client cancels the session or fails to attend the session on the Session Date, for any reason, Photographer shall suffer losses that are difficult to ascertain. As such, Client agrees that, in the event of cancellation by Client, such $50 shall be forfeited by Client and paid to as liquidated damages and not as a penalty. Client and agree that such amount is reasonable. Where Photographer cancels reservation fee shall be refunded.”


Late Fees: If unable to pay for balance of photoshoot rate at conclusion of shoot there is an additional 25% charge after 30 days and 100% charge after 90 days.



Count on 300-500 images typically delivered via gallery download link or usb drive USPS mail out with one to two week turnaround.



Images delivered in full resolution without watermarks typically within one to two weeks via usb flashdrive sent U.S. Postal Service.



Clients have shared copyright for using images however they choose without any restrictions or further crediting or residuals due for commercial use. We maintain same rights in most instances.



This business also maintains shared copyright for all images that may be further published in our publications and for other purposes without residuals paid the model. Use of our services as a commercial contract makes implicit our shared commercial rights to the images we create.



Four genre outfit changes recommended including classy, fitness, casual and swimwear in most instances. We encourage bringing a selection of each with you.


Email John Hawley at or call 904.333.3527 to schedule your shoot.






For the Ladies;
1)Dressy such as a dress or outfit typical of how you dress up when going out (some accessories such as ear rings, necklaces, bracelets, etc are all good); somethings in your style,
2)Casual. Similar to the classy in your own style. Yet, a bit more slick and fashionable for the camera as if you were transported to a point in life where the paparazzi were shooting you while on your way to the store or hanging out wtih friends at an outdoor cafe.

3)Fitness ware: booty shorts, capris, sports bra, etc. You may or may not want brand labels appearing depending on your marketing purposes.
3)Swimwear for photoshoot not functional suit. A good opportunity (excuse) to purchase that suit you always wanted, but know you will never wear to the beach.


For the Gentlemen:
1) Dressy & fashionable. Your best threads for showing off you can look like a million bucks! If you don’t wear dress clothes please don’t show up with a tie and white shirt, but if you do go to clubs and have a few favorite outfits for instance bring those. Push the envelop as this an opportunity to live out your vision for yourself on camer.
2) Sporty. Your gear most suited for looking like the fitness model emblazoned on the cover of a fitness publication.
3) Casual. Somewhat like the fashionable look how want to be seen on the streets as if relaxing to show off that you’ve got game and are confidant and can be easy going. Stylish though as you want to project a confident vibe.

4) Swimwear that shows off your physique in your own style, but please it should reflect you moreso that be an awkward display that doesn't highlight your physique, lines and color.


COLORS: Black & White are hues not colors. Like a white canvas looks better when other colors are applied remember your images will be best where there are a variety of colors even if you are a big fan of only wearing black for instance. We discourage the loading up wardrobe changes especially with lots of black for outdoor shoots. Its a good choice for select shots where we can find contrast such as light colored backgrounds or white and indoors, but otherwise a mix of bright colors, pastels and patterned materials is preferable.


Scheduling Considerations:

We can shoot before competition tanning or after if this is book around a fitness competition. If after its nice to try and make sure the tan stays as even as possible and not blotchy or green. Often if a tanning service if you inform them you have a photoshoot afterwards they will touch you up before leaving the show.


We do not provide hair and makeup services. However, we can typically recommend one.
-Makeup is helpful and yes for guys as well particularly if you have a few blemishes that can easily be covered up. With the volume of shots we provide there is typically no photoshopping of images. We do bring all images into Lightroom for light adjustments, but not an image by image touchup that can be better served with a bit of makeup before the shoot.



Be careful of getting lipstick on teeth or using certain makeup products if in weather conditions that might cause running, etc. Plus, try to keep your photoshoot apparel such as the dresses and dress shirts wrinkle free. This can be difficult in the hustle and bustle of show prep. Most of your apparel can be tossed in a gym bag or fill the trunk of your automobile without problem, but the more fashionable shots tend to not be permanent press. A hand towel to wipe away sweat is handy along with products such as Muscle Juice posing oil and Covergirl concealer both of which we typically have available at shoots at no additional charge.