Administration of LINK required an overhaul of the product and marketing. While the programmers worked on bringing the software up to date Grammel’s team of seven focused on the brand including the logo, messaging and packaging. They rebranded after they were rid of the thousands of packages they had in inventory. There was extensive time and effort focused on building the brand reputation with ratings and review platforms.

At the core of the so-called “Omnichannel Marketing” was delivering a consistent message across all platforms. They used Hubspot for their email marketing campaigns after culling their over 250,000 contacts. If users were not opening emails they were dumped from their list. With Hubspot they were able to separate and target user emails based on all sorts of subcategories of behaviors such as if they had purchased before, clicked on links, etc. Affiliate marketing was big for them considering the volume of sales from the cumulative number of affiliates even though individual affiliates typically weren’t big customers when considered on their own.

They received an email invite from Oprah to participate in her 2019 Holiday Showcase as one of two brands in the pet product category. They found that the former company administrators had been provided the same invite the prior year and did not respond. DiscoverTec Marketing execs jumped at the opportunity that had to be rapidly acted upon within a mere five-day window, but they got it done and were handsomely rewarded. The Oprah show was followed by Ellen Degeneres and Rachael Ray shows. DiscoverTec’s biggest takeaway from the experience was to be consistently aware of potential opportunities and TAKE THEM!

LINK customers are typically not immediately ready to purchase. Thus, landing pages content for LINK is typically considered high funnel requiring typically eight touchpoints prior to purchase. Their content would include competitor “comparisons” for educational purposes and end with a CTA (Call to Action) & FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) Messaging.

A tremendous amount of focus is given to analytics as for instance industry-wide DiscoverTec finds on average 80% shopping cart abandonment. Thus, adding bots to answer questions and increasing emphasis on 6-8 second help desk call answering by in-House staff was considered paramount to brand success.

LINK marketing budgets 50% on Brand Awareness and 50% on customer acquisition.
ROAS (Return on Ad Spend) is a key metric in determining their success relative to Customer Acquisition Cost.
Grammel joked at the beginning of his talk that he had nearly 400 slides that we would get through in his four-hour presentation, but in the end, as with all other JOMM speakers, time was being called in an hour and a half at 8pm. Grammel is a wealth of knowledge on all aspects of their product development, marketing and analytics. LINK is being produced in Jacksonville, Florida and with Grammel’s team at DiscoverTec it will doubtlessly continue to be a stellar performer for customers and company investors.

Images included from Grammel’s slide presentation.


THE Jacksonville Online Marketing Meetup (JOMM) speaker on February 11, 2020 was Ingo Grammel, Vice President of Marketing at DiscoverTec a Jacksonville based Marketing & Advertising agency.  Grammel’s lecture was a case study in marketing focused on LINK, a dog smart collar, which is one of DiscoverTec’s national brands in which they have an ownership share. providing photoshoots and video shoot services including the use of drones and editing at competitive rates in Florida. We book individuals for fitness-oriented content along with commercial shoots for a variety of industries including real estate and manufacturing. Whether you need photos for your business,  personal portfolio or event John Hawley of is available by appointment. We also provide online marketing services including Search Engine Optimization (SEO), web development and copywriting services for a wide range of industries.  More Booking Information