USPLabs Owners Plead Guilty

Plea deal forces USPlabs out of business as owners plead guilty. Two remaining of the group of seven pleaded guilty to defrauding consumers with purposefully mislabeled products that netted them $230 million in ill gotten gains according to federal authorities. Days before trial the final two fold in their legal battle against the feds. Dallas lab owners admit to multi-million-dollar scheme to fraudulently sell dietary supplements USP Labs' sales pitch got customers' attention: The Dallas company sold products developed by "the world's top pharmacists & scientists;" dietary supplements that were derived from natural ingredients like geraniums. But they were in fact dangerous synthetic stimul

Braun, Singerman Indictments

After the Department of Justice announced on March 13, 2019 the indictment of six individuals including PJ Braun and Aaron Singerman formerly of Blackstone Labs for spiking supplements with anabolic steroids and consumer fraud Braun the CEO of Blackstone fired back “The government intends to destroy the weight lifting industry by making it hard for lifters to use legal nutritional supplements.” Braun in a news release went on to state, “We intend to prevail” against the federal government in our righteous defense of the industry, The news release did not refute the presence of anabolic steroid spiking, but claimed their ingredients were akin to naturally occurring Picamilon while wrapping B

IFBB Elite Pro Event added to Miami Grand Prix!

The IFBB and IFBB Physique America are moving forward in the United States in bringing Bodybuilding and Fitness to a higher level. IFBB & IFBBPA will be adding pro events to the IFBB Miami GP event on July 20th. IFBB President, Dr. Rafael Santonja has approved the addition of an IFBB Elite Pro Women’s Wellness competition and an IFBB Elite Pro Men’s Classic Physique competition to the amatuer Pro Qualifier Miami Grand Prix. Prize money will be a total $10,000US for the first ever Elite Pro competition in the United States. “This is a tremendous step forward for the IFBB and IFBB Physique America in giving the athletes a legitimate option in the Sport of Bodybuilding & Fitness. We appreciat

FitWorld 2019 Lack Luster MuscleContest Event

Jon Lindsay's expensive to attend MuscleContest California circuit run by the El Guidy Brazilian brothers lacked luster at their 2019 FitWorld event. They might have spun it as the finest physiques in the Pro League, but as Bob Cicherillo noted after the Arnold Classic, "PSA for all Pro's who placed at the Arnold Classic: Congratulations on your placing...BUT...youre NOT " 4th in the WORLD...6th in the WORLD, etc. You placed wherever you did AT THE ARNOLD. It aint the OLYMPIA." Congratulations to Marvin Cornejo, El Paso, Texas for the victory over nine other pros.

Promoters Judging in Pro League NZ Pro Shows?

Interesting to see the new trend in allowing contest promoters in the Pro League to judge their own shows. Note Moe's signature on the New Zealand Pro scoresheets. Tamer for Muscle Contest International also comes to mind. Congratulations to Abtin Shekarabi repping the Ayatollah of Iran for classic physique and Aaron Polites repping Australia in the 212 division. One Team USA member competed in the show Aaron Jeffery taking a fourth place out of nine in classic.

Arnold Classic Columbus 2019 Results!

TEAM USA Clean Sweep In Victory except for Canada, which is basically a colony! Congratulations to all the participants! Men's Bodybuilding Champ Brandon Curry (USA) 1st Men's Wheelchair Bodybuilding Champ Harold Kelley (USA) 1st Classic Men’s Physique Champ George Peterson (USA) 1st Fitness Champ Ryall Graber (Canada) 1st Figure Champ Cydney Gillon (USA) 1st Women’s Physique Champ Natalia Abraham Coelho (USA) 1st Men's Physique Champ Andre Ferguson (USA) 1st Bikini Champ Janet Layug (USA) 1st.

Live Stream of the 2019 Arnold Classic

Watch the 2019 Arnold Classic live stream! Here are the times so you can be sure to catch your favorite divisions: LINK TO VIDEO FEEDS BATTELLE GRAND Thursday, Feb. 28 Noon-8 p.m.: Arnold Amateur Ladies Day Friday, March 1 9 a.m.-5 p.m.: Arnold Amateur Men's Day 7-9:30 p.m.: Arnold Classic Physique, Fitness International, Figure International & Women's Physique International Finals Saturday, March 2 Noon-1 p.m.: Arnold Pro Wheelchair Prejudging & Finals 1-4 p.m.: Arnold Classic, Arnold Men's Physique & Bikini International Prejudging 7-10 p.m.: Arnold Classic, Arnold Men's Physique, Bikini Internation & Arnold Strongman Classic Finals Sunday, March 3 9:30 a.m.: Arnold Sunday Showcase &

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