Kim Gutierrez Wins 2019 Japan Bikini Pro

Congratulations Kim Gutierrez, representing Chile and Oddo's Angels for taking the Pro League Japan Pro Bikini title for 2019. Interestingly, this Pro League Japan Pro February 24, 2019 event had a bikini-clad seven member strong Team USA that could place no better than 6th place of the 17 competitors entered. Placings included: 2nd- Beatriz Biscaia, Portugal 3rd- Nittaya Kongthun, Thailand 4th, Sung Uk Kim, South Korea 5th, Alessia Facchin, Italy 6th, Mansa Akbarimehr, USA 7th, Jessica Wilson, USA 8th, Breena Martinez, USA 9th, Michelle Brannan, UK 10th, Geri Berger, USA 11th, Haneul Seong, Korea 12th, Svetlana Elina, Russia 13th, Jewelyn Merrill, USA 14th, Na Thompson, USA 15

2019 IFBB Miami Grand Prix rapidly moves forward

After a series of meetings throughout the recent Presidents Day Weekend during which IFBB Physique America Executive Administrator, AJ Bedway and IFBBPA President/CEO Wayne S. DeMilia met with dozens of dedicated and influential individuals, projections of an ultra-successful Pro Qualifier on July 20th are at an all-time high. “We have already signed a Presenting Sponsor and we are in negotiations with two other companies, one of which will acquire the Title Sponsorship position. As for athletes, we already have more competitors signed from the United States than the final amount at the December show’ boasts DeMilia. “Our goal is 100 athletes from the USA and we are well on our way to that

Nepal Pro League Pro Card Champs 2019

Kathmandu, Nepal 2019 Nepal Pro Qualifier: Champions: -Men’s Bodybuilding-Janie Do Rigo, UK -Men’s Classic Physique- Amir Hossuin Saadatnia, Iran -Men’s Physique- Saurabti Singh, India -Women’s Physique- Binita Rae, Nepal

IFBB Physique America announces first show of 2019!

FIT MODEL EXTRAVAGANZA MARCH 9, 2019 at the Coliseum, 15 South Broadway, White Plains, NY. FIT MODEL, BIKINI, WELLNESS & FIGURE! WIN a TRIP to the IFBB WORLD FIT MODEL Championships in RIGA, LATVIA, ALL EXPENSES PAID Plus, a CUSTOM-MADE GOWN for the World Championships!! Creating a bold and enterprising concept, IFBB Physique America Promoter and New England Vice President Al Alfredo will be promoting a “Women’s Only” competition as the IFBBPA inaugural event for 2019. “Women’s Only” means Bikini, Wellness, Figure & Women’s Fit Model. This is an idea that will surely be copied by other organizations and promoters. What makes this event even more inimitable and unique is that it will

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