22 Figure Pros Tie for Last Place at 2018 Kentucky Muscle

Twenty-two IFBB Pro Figure Competitors tie for last place at IFBB Pro League Kentucky Muscle Victimized by the Good Old Boy Judging Criteria Set in Pittsburgh By Jim Manion. . The popularity and success of the Kentucky Muscle Pro is no accident as the promoter has done a terrific job over the years producing a great event with his own money along with his sponsors and the aid of volunteers and NPC & IFBB judging staff. Yet, last night 22 pro figure competitors did not place, but were given a 16th place designation, which is widely despised in amateur and pro ranks as indication that the competitor did not measure up, was actually shamefully ill prepared for stage competition and probably

Twenty-five Bikini Pro Casualties at Alamo Saturday, October 6, 2018

The Alamo 2.0 took place on Saturday night, October 6, 2018. Under the bright lights in San Antonio large numbers of wounded bikini wearing casualties piled up while the officers of the IFBB Pro League were doubtlessly claiming victory considering the tremendous troupe of g-string wearing beauties that showed up for booty & bust battle royale. Yet, the wounds will be lasting ones with some likely to never recover or lose interest considering there were more casualties to the 25 way tie for last place in the open class than placed with five receiving the additional dagger of 16th place in masters. As with the men’s pro physique division the masters competitors in bikini placed in matching o

Masters Class Gives Last Place Open Competitors Something to Brag About

Masters divisions have their critics considering there typically is no prize money and no Masters Olympia. However, as with the 2018 IFBB Pro league San Antonio Pro the Men's Physique Masters Division provided five of the 16th open placing competitors bragging rights with a number above the dreaded last place tie. Doug Laforge stated on Instagram, "7 th place finish will have to do 😳 this round but we be back with a vengeance in 2019," but he omitted any reference to his 16th place in open. Interestingly also the judging panel placed the Masters competitors in a sequence consistent with their open placings without having any do better than in open, which raises the obvious question of wheth

IFBB Pro League Coverup or Coverage Tardiness?

As the number of athletes receiving pro cards abroad ramps up to over twenty in shows such as the Sept 23rd San Marino & upcoming Sheru Classic the league has come under fire for issuing pro cards in divisions where for instance only one competitor showed up as with women's physique at the August 4th Singapore Pro Qualifier. Is it a coincidence that after being criticized for that the official site for the IFBB Pro League has not posted any further complete competitors' lists beyond Bob Cicherillo's British Championships on August 18, 2018? As this reporter has been critical of the IFBB Pro League providing pro cards to athletes where there is no minimum number required in a division such as

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