2018 IFBB Nebraska Pro Results

2018 IFBB Nebraska Pro Results Omaha Nebraska April 28, 2018 1. Akeem Scott, Bronx, New York 2. Jeph Gabriel, Greenacres, Florida 3. Scott Dennis, Salem, Massachusettes 4. Antoine Weatherspoon, Baton Rouge, Louisiana 5. Brandon Robichaux, South Jordan, Utah 6. EJ Nduka, San Diego, California 7. Christopher Mosher, Fort Wayne, Indiana 8. Jonny Bernstein, Indio, California 9. Anthony Sullivan, Witchita, Kansas 10. Christopher Mosher, Fort Wayne, Indiana 11. Mykle Nixon, North Chesterfield, Virginia 12. Ryan Henderson, Edwardsville, Illinois 13. Terrell Robertson, Baton Rouge, Louisian 14. Laquan Jones, Miramar, Florida 15. Tony Lynch, Katy Texas 16. Ranzino Valentine, Greer,

2018 NPC Florida Grand Prix Results

Congratulations to all 262 athletes (336 with crossovers) in 56 classes with 39 overall champions at Saturday's 2018 NPC Florida Grand Prix! -Men's Bodybuilding Open & Novice Overall Raphael Lucas. -Figure Overall Adonays Vera. -Classic Overall Oshanda Rhoden. -Women's Physique Overall Nicole Logan. -Men's Physique Overall Fabian Sanchez. -Bikini Overall Cristal Peguero. Complete Scoresheets: https://musclepapa.smugmug.com/2018Florida-Grand-Prix-Scoresheets/Scoresheets/

IFBB Pro League Men of Steel Malaysia Pro Qualifier Scores

IFBB Pro Card Winners Men’s Physique: Teo Kok Hua, Malaysia Men’s Classic Physique: Fanni Fuadi, Indonesia Men’s Bodybuilding: Dhurgham Jawad Jarallah Hasnam, Iraq Women’s Fitness: Yeong Sook Yan, Malaysia Women’s Fitness 1 Yeong Sook Yan, Malaysia 2 Chang See Yeng, Malaysia 3 Mylene Eugenio, Philippines 4 Kong Kar Poi, Malaysia 5 Nurhasilah Binte Rohaizat, Singapore 6 Kong Kar Hong Men’s Classic Physique Up to 175 cm 1 Fanni Fuadi, Indonesia 2 Alsharif Mujahid Saleh M, Saudi Arabia 3 Amirhossein Saadatnia, Iran 4 Mabairek Majed Abdulrahman A, Saudi Arabia 5 Mostafa Tawfik Mohamed Elsayed, Egypt 6 Alnamsham Naif Murdin, Saudi Arabia 7 Pourezzat, Iran 8 Ashral Mohammedamin

SmugMug Buys Out Flickr

As an avid user of these two photo-sharing services musclepapa.com could not be happier with the latest news that SmugMug has acquired Flickr. Verizon’s subsidiary Oath had acquired and now sold the fourteen year old Flickr. There was some weakness in the product as with yahoo that Verizon also owns. SmugMug CEO Don MacAskill told USA Today, he wasn't exactly sure of plans for Flickr and “It sounds silly for the CEO to not to totally know what he’s going to do, but we haven’t built SmugMug on a master plan either. We try to listen to our customers and when enough of them ask for something that’s important to them or to the community, we go and build it.” While Oath hasn't demonstrated much s

Ye Tun Naung Bodybuilding Champion Malaysia Men of Steel 2018

Congratulations to Ye Tun Naung of Myanmar for winning the Bodybuilding Below 75 kg category at the 2018 IFBB Pro League Men of Steel Malaysia Pro Qualifier yesterday! Amazing to see such athlete successes after decades of dictatorship and continued rampant human rights abuses including torture and murders by the military regime, continued presence of landmines and unexploded ordinance throughout the country. Note: Photo from 2016 contest.

2018 IFBB Grand Prix Contest Results

Men’s Physique 1 Felipe Franco, Brazil 2 Joseph Lee, Glendale, California 3 Anthony Woods, Marina, California 4 Aundre Benson, San Diego, California 5 Kyron Holden, El Cajon, California 6 James Hurst, San Jose, California 7 Dean Balabis, San Francisco, California 8 David Odom, Eugene, Oregon 9 Kyle Lepper, Liberty Township, Ohio 10 Willie Spencer, Marina Del Rey, California 11 Alexander Myrvold, Norway 12 Kai Spencer, Culver City, California 13 Larry Crawford, Las Vegas, Nevada 13 Alexander Quimson, Pacifica, California 15 Robert Simpson, Lancaster, California 16 Ramon Goudeau, Peoria, Arizona Masters Men’s Physique 1 David Odom, Eugene, Oregon 2 Willie Spencer, Marina De

2018 IFBB City Limits Pro Contest Results

2018 IFBB PRO LEAGUE City Limits Pro Contest Results Promoter: Dre Dillard Contact: citylimitschampionships@gmail.com Website: www.citylimitschampionships.com Location: Waxahachie, Texas April 14, 2018​ Pro Men’s Physique 1 Antoine Weatherspoon, Baton Rogue, Louisiana 2 George Brown, Columbus, Ohio 3 Akeem Scott, Bronx, New York 4 Michael Bevins, Dallas, Georgia 5 Quincy Whittington, Cuero, Texas 6 Antoine Williams, Grand Prairie, Texas 7 EJ Nduka, Dallas, Texas 9 Napoleon Amos, Mt. Juliet, Tennessee 10 Caleb Pearson, Abilene, Texas 11 Tony Dionisio, Pueblo West, Colorado 12 Joshua Bynum, Port Royal, South Carolina 13 Kim Santos, Denton, Texas 14 Michael Ferguson, Memphis, Tenn

2018 IFBB Muscle Contest Ireland Results

2018 Muscle Contest Ireland IFBB PRO LEAGUE QUALIFIER Men's Bodybuilding 212 SATURDAY, April 14, 2018 Great National South Court Hotel Limerick Raheen, Limerick, V94 E77X, Ireland 1 David Henry, USA 2 Sami Al Haddad, Bahrain 3 Ahmad Ahmad, Iran 4 Vojtech Koritensky, Czech Republic 5 Kim Junho, Korea 6 Ahmed Elsadany, Egypt 7 Khalid Almohsinawi, Kuwait 8 Samir Troudi, Sweden 9 Masoom Butt, Northern Ireland 10 Peter Ciccone, USA 11 Leo D’Adderio, France 12 Toni Gutierrez, Spain

Florida IFBB Pros Competing in Orlando Europa 2018

GOOD LUCK TO FLORIDA IFBB PROS COMPETING THIS WEEKEND. Of the four shows around the world in the IFBB Pro League all Florida pros are competing at the Orlando Europa. Pro Men’s Physique -Travales Blount, Orlando, Florida -Steven Cao, Davie, Florida -Creighton Clingan, Jacksonville, Florida -Gerardo Gabriel, Orlando, Florida -Jeph Gabriel, Greenacres, Florida -Joe Herr, Bradenton, Florida -Geobanny Paula, Miami, Florida -Jimmy “Clay” Payne, Tallahasse, Florida -Aaron Thompson, Panama City, Florida -Nathan Wonsley, Tampa, Florida -Justin Woodard, Fort Lauderdale, Florida Pro Figure -Yordana Alayon, Orlando, Florida -April Anderson, Jacksonville, Florida -Tiffany Boyer, Tallahassee, Florida -Al

Sherry Espera, 1st Place IFBB Salt City Pro 4.7.18

Congratulations to Sherry Espera for her first place IFBB Pro League Bikini finish at the IFBB Salt City Pro, April 7, 2018. This is her second contest win and of two entries this season with the first being the Legends Pro. Sherry earned pro status at the Arnold Amateur Philippines and lives in California. Sherry and Raphaela Milagres now both have 2 wins for the season earning 8 points per win & Raphaela an additional 4 points for second place in the Olympia Qualification Series. See galleries at: LINK

IFBB Pro League Introduces "Wellness Division"

IFBB Pro League Introduces "Wellness Division" into the league at Muscle Contest International April 28-29, 2018 in Sao Paulo, Brazil! When might it be introduced into the NPC? Latest news as of April 11th the banner was updated as "New Wellness Model Search" and Tim Gardner relayed on Facebook, "Wellness is not a division within the IFBB Professional League Pro Qualifiers nor the NPC, whether the event is International or in the USA." https://www.musclecontestinternational.com/2018-MUSCLE-CONTEST-NACIONAL-EVENT.php

IFBB NPC Salt City Showdown Results

IFBB NPC Salt City Showdown Promoter: Robyn Maher Contact: 801-995-1163 & showdown@fitconutah.com Website: www.Showdown.fitconutah.com Location: Salt Lake City, Utah April 7, 2018 ​ ​ PRIZE MONEY 1st Place – $3,000 2nd Place – $2,000 3rd Place – $1,000 OLYMPIA QUALIFIER ​ Competitor Placings Pro Men’s Physique 1 Joseph Lee, Glendale, California 2 Brandon Hendrickson, Bartlett, Illinois 3 Dean Balabis, San Francisco, California 4 George Brown, Columbus, Ohio 5 Xavisus Gayden, Twentynine Palms, California 6 James Hurst, San Jose California 7 Troy Williams, Missouri City, Texas 8 EJ Nduka, San Diego, California 9 David Odom, Eugene, Oregon 10 Roderick Gaines, Avondale, Arizona 11

June IFBB Pro League 2018 Events

IFBB Pro League Pittsburgh Pro, May 4, 2018 https://garyudit.com/new/2018-jim-manions-npc-ifbb-pittsburgh-pro-championships-general-information/ IFBB Pro League Denmark Pro, May 5, 2018 https://www.musclepapa.com/denmark-pro-qualifier-5-5-18 IFBB Pro League Champions of Grace, May 5, 2018 IFBB Pro League Bari Italy Pro, May 12, 2018 IFBB Pro League New York Pro, May 19, 2018 IFBB Pro League Optimum Classic, May 19, 2018 IFBB Pro League California Pro, May 26, 2018 IFBB Pro League Korea Pro Qualifier, May 27, 2018

April 2108 IFBB Pro League Competitions

IFBB Pro League Salt City Pro: www.Showdown.fitconutah.com IFBB Pro League Orlando Europa Pro: www.citylimitschampionships.com IFBB Pro League Ireland Pro Qualifier and 212 Pro: https://www.musclecontestinternation...LAND-EVENT.php IFBB Pro League Los Angeles Grand Prix: http://lindsayproductions.com/2018-L...RIX-EVENT.html IFBB Pro League Man of Steel Malaysia Pro: https://sciteconline.com.my/men-of-steel-2018-event IFBB Pro League Brazil Pro Qualifier: https://www.musclecontestinternation...ONAL-EVENT.php IFBB Pro League Nebraska Pro: http://npcmidwest.com/events/nebrask...mens-physique/

Raphaela Milagres at IFBB Salt City Pro Check-ins

Orlando based Raphaela Milagres, 2x 2018 Bikini Champion of IFBB FIT WORLD (March 24) & GOVERNORS CUP (March 31) at check-ins for IFBB Salt City Pro hoping to make this show her third victory in a row. http://npcnewsonline.com/2018-ifbb-salt-city-showdown-check-in-photos/422101/

2018 IFBB Salt City Showdown Competitor's List

2018 IFBB Salt City Showdown April 7, 2018 Pro Men's Physique & Bikini https://fitcon.com/showdown/ Are Brandon Hendrickson and George Brown the favorites in Men's Physique? Brandon has already won once this season. In pro bikini will Kacy Clark of Lakeville, Minnesota best her 2nd place at the IFBB Indy Pro last weekend? Might Isha Barrow, of Richfield, Minnesota win again like in St. Louis Pro last weekend? Or will one of numerous other ladies who have competed and placed top five this year or who this will be their first show of the season take the top spot? COMPETITORS' LIST Pro Men’s Physique -Edward Alvarez, Charlotte, North Carolina -Dean Balabis, San Francisco, California -George


With the split of the IFBB & IFBB Pro League at the time of the 2017 Olympia the IFBB Pro League has expanded exponentially with open pro qualifying events and associated pro shows around the globe, but its not simply the locations that are increasingly international, but the top placing competitors defying the urban legend that to win you had to be a citizen of the United States. While many of the greats of bodybuilding in past decades seemed to migrate to California to train at Venice Gold's and be assessed by the Weider's the story is something quite different in 2018. Oxygen Gym in Kuwait is a more likely spot to find the front runners for the Olympia title these days. And fans have to b

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