First NPC Athlete Earning IFBB Pro Status Abroad

First NPC Athlete Earning IFBB Pro Status Abroad Karelin Marte made history as the first bikini overall winner earning pro status at the IFBB Pro League qualifying Olympia South America, in Medellin, Colombia. Considering her last competition was the 2017 NPC National Championships in Miami she may have set another historic mark as the first U.S. citizen and NPC member to win pro status at one of the IFBB Pro League International Pro Qualifiers. “Less than 5 months I did my first competition as novice and open at San Antonio classic, a show I will always remember where I place 1 in open and novice @spectrumfitnessproductions and amazing show, after one more I went to Miami nationals this N

IFBB Olympia Amateur Colombia Results 2018

IFBB Olympia Amateur Colombia South America Pro Qualifier Results 2018 Held in Medellin, Colombia February 17, 2018 Augustina Blaufuks - Argentina- Bikini Raquel Gonzalez - Mexico -Bikini Karelin Marte (overall) - Mexico - Bikini Boas Macorin - Brazil - Bodybuilding Fernando Mendoza - Panama - Bodybuilding Jorge Trejo (overall) - Mexico - Bodybuilding Jorge Yubei Palacios - Colombia - Classic Physique Julian Castano (overall) - Colombia - Classic Physique Dora Mena - Mexico - Figure Claudia Sehnem (overall) - Brazil - Figure Alejandro Castro - Colombia - Men’s Physique Franklin Valverde - Ecuador - Men’s Physique Rafael Ferreira (overall) - Brazil - Men’s Physique Gabriel

IFBB Sheru Classic Latin America/Colombia Pro 2018 Results

The IFBB Sheru Classic Latin America/Colombia Pro show was held on February 17-18, 2018 in Medellin, Colombia with two IFBB Pro League Classes represented including Men’s Physique & Bikini. The number two men’s physique pro in the IFBB Pro League Andre Ferguson of the USA took the top spot in this event just two weeks out from the Arnold Classic Columbus adding to his record as the winiest physique pro in the league. Fernando Chala Blandon of Colombia made his country proud taking the second spot behind luckylibra. Raymond Edmonds, Team Ventura teammate of Andre took the third spot. Both those gentlemen were already qualified for the 2018 Olympia. Logan Franklin dissatisfied with his forth

Bob Cicherillo, Arnold Classic 2018 Picks

THE BUSINESS OF BODYBUILDING Bob Cicherillo, The Voice of Bodybuilding Quick Picks & Standout Predictions for the 2018 Arnold Classic & status of IFBB Pro League Expansion update! BOB CICHERILLO PART TWO AUDIO LINK Bob Cicherillo Arnold Classic 2018 Picks: Open Bodybuilding: 1. Dexter Jackson 2. William Bonac 3. Roelly Winklaar 212 Bodybuilding 1. Hadi Choopan- the one to beat. Jose Raymond- the Dexter Jackson of the 212. David Henrey - former Olympian who defies age Classic Physique -Breon Ansley: an excellent champ -Arash Rahbar look for him to make a splash as he was off at the Olympia. Fitness -Regiane Da Silva -Bethany Wagner -Ariel Khadr Without Oksana Grishina in the line

Sheru Classic IFBB Pro League Qualifier India Results

Sheru Classic IFBB Pro League Qualifier India photos up this morning Tuesday, Feb. 13, 2018 at Bodybuilding Overall: Iman Rezaei (Iran) Men’s Physique Overall; Seyed Ashkan Motaghian (Iran) Men’s Classic Physique Overall: Vahid Nazari (Iran) Women’s Figure Overall: Rita Jairath (India) Women’s Bikini Overall: Navreet Joshan (India) Credit: Competitor numbers range up into the 500s, but there was a podium with top three awards with just two figure competitors and then for overall comparison pics 2 competitors for figure, four classic, four men's physique , two bikini and only two images

Lionel Beyeke

Lionel Beyeke Division: IFBB Pro Bodybuilding Turned Pro: 2010 Height / Weight: 5-11 / 258 lbs. Age: 37 Location: France Lionel Beyeke began working out at the age of 19 while training for martial arts. He practiced Karate and was full contact fighter for six years. As a youth, Beyeke’s favorite bodybuilding inspiration came from Shawn Ray, Flex Wheeler and Ronnie Coleman. Ask him today and he adds Dexter Jackson and Cedric McMillan to the list. Beyeke stormed onto the bodybuilding scene with his surprising 2nd place finish at the 2009 Arnold Amateur. Beyeke soon won his pro card. It took him just three years to notch his first Pro victory at the Flex Pro. Beyeke is considered by many t

Ahmad Ashkanani

Ahmad Ashkanani Division: IFBB Pro 212 Bodybuilding Turned Pro: 2016 Height / Weight: 5-3 / 212 lbs. Location: Kuwait Past Results EventPlace 2017 Arnold Classic 2121 2017 Olympia 212 2 2016 Tampa Pro 212 1 2016 Olympia 212 2 2015 Arnold Amateur 2 2015 Olympia Amateur Spain 2 2014 Asian Amateur Championships 2 2013 Arnold Amateur Europe 1 2013 Amateur Olympia Bahrain 1 2011 World Amateur Championships 10 2011 Arnold Amateur Europe 2

Fouad "Hoss" Abiad

Fouad "Hoss" Abiad Division: IFBB Pro Bodybuilding Turned Pro: 2006 Height / Weight: 5-9 / 255 lbs. Age: 39 Location: Windsor, Ontario Canada As a child Abiad was a skinny kid. His father encouraged him to begin weight training. Once in high school, he gained some weight and played football. He decided he wanted to be a bodybuilder after attending the Toronto Pro/Am in 2000. He was impressed by the size and conditioning of the pros. After that he knew bodybuilding would be a big part of his life. Past Results Event Place 2017 Arnold Classic 6 2016 Toronto Pro 3 2015 Vancouver Pro 1 2015 Europa Orlando Pro 1 2015 Tampa Pro 2 2014 Europa Dallas Pro 2 2013 Arnold Classic 10 2013

IFBB Pro League Legends Classic Bikini Pro 2018

IFBB Pro League Legends Classic Bikini Pro kicks off the 2018 pro show season in Las Vegas on February 10th! Fifteen ladies representing six states in the US along with Mexico, Brazil and a Philippine transplant will be vying for points toward the Olympia Qualification Series. Eli Fernandez representing Mexico with back to back wins at the 2016 & 2017 IFBB Baltimore Grand Prix may be a statistical favorite, but bikini like all divisions can't be judged till the day of the contest. Samantha Bornstein of Florida will be making her pro debut as will Ashley Bruno, Tara Grier, Lura Orsino & probably the smallest lady at the show Anh Vu, but of course dynamite comes in small packages. A cute Sherr

Mel Chancey Hospitalized with Artery Blockage!

Mel reported from the hospital he had a 75% artery blockage that required a stent be installed. He reported no symptoms and it was discovered during his pro-active healthcare regimen. Mel has become much more than the bodybuilding personality and former motorcycle gang leader after a Christian turn around he's taken on new leadership responsibilities as an NPC-IFBB event promoter, mentor and advisor to industry leaders and newbies alike. Follow Mel @melchancey316

IFBB Pro Shawn Labega in recovery after partial leg amputation

While in preparation for the 2018 Arnold Classic Columbus Shawn Lebega, Men’s Physique Pro suffered a blot clot in his right calve. Surgeon removed blood clot, but even with nerve replacement from his thigh to ankle and calve complications including poor circulation have resulted in the need to amputate his leg from the knee down. This all occurring only a few weeks out from when he would have been competing on the Arnold Classic stage. Labega stated, “I’ll be back on stage Arnold 2019. I don’t quit or give up. Wasn’t built that way. I’m looking forward to the challenge ahead of me.” Lebega earned pro status at the 2013 Team Universe and competed in numerous pro shows taking the masters tit

March 2018: 12 IFBB Pro League Events.

March 2018: 12 IFBB Pro League Events. -March 1, 2018 Arnold Classic, USA…/ifbb-p…/arnold-classic -March 10, 2018 Hawaii Pro -March 10, 2018 London Pro -March 16, 2018 Arnold Classic Australia -March 24, 2018 New Zealand Pro -March 24, 2018 Atlantic Coast Championships -March 24, 2018 Fit World Pro -March 24, 2018 Upper MidWest Pro -March 24, 2018 World Border Klash -March 31, 2018 St. Louis Pro-Am -March 31, 2018 Governors Cup www.spectrumfi

February 2018 IFBB Pro League Contest Schedule:

February 2018 IFBB Pro League Contest Schedule: IFBB Pro League Pro Qualifier Sheru Classic February 10, 2018 Ludhiana, Punjab, India 5 IFBB Pro Cards Up fo Grabs! . 2018 Legends Pro February 10, 2018 Las Vegas, Nevada, USA Bikini Promoter: Jon Lindsay Contact: Tamer El Guindy Website: . 2018 Sheru Classic Colombia February 18, 2018 Medellin, Colombia Classic Physique, Men’s Physique & Bikini Promoter: Sheru Aangrish Contact: Website: Complete listing of IFBB Pro Shows at #npcflorida, #floridanpc, #npc, #floridabodybuilding, #ifbbmusclebeachpro, #sherucla

Juliana Moto

Juliana Moto Brazilian born French Champion Fit Chick! Follow @jujubafit #musclepapa, #ifbb, #ifbbproleague, #ifbbromaniamusclefest, #fitchick, #ifbbbodybuilding, #ifbbproleaguemilan, #ifbbproromania, #ifbblondonpro, #ifbbproindia, #ifbbproireland, #ifbbprospain, #ifbbprofrance, #ifbbbrazil, #npcflorida, #floridanpc, #npc, #fitnessphotography, #covershotfitness, #floridabodybuilding,

Gülüzar Tüfenk

Gülüzar Tüfenk Turkish Muscle chick! Follow @guluzartufenk_official_ #musclepapa, #ifbb, #ifbbproleague, #ifbbromaniamusclefest, #fitchick, #ifbbbodybuilding, #ifbbproleaguemilan, #ifbbproromania, #ifbbprorussia, #ifbbturkey, #npcflorida, #floridanpc, #npc, #fitnessphotography, #covershotfitness, #floridabodybuilding,

THE BUSINESS OF BODYBUILDING Joe Pishkula, Judge & Promoter

THE BUSINESS OF BODYBUILDING FOUR PART SERIES with Joe Pishkula, Florida NPC Zone II Chair, IFBB/NPC official & promoter. Part I: Joe discusses upcoming IFBB/NPC Border Klash Championships with 2nd highest prize purse besides bikini & his IFBB & NPC judging schedule. PART I AUDIO: Part II: Joe talks about his thoughts on what it takes to be comfortable as a bodybuilding event competitor and his philosophy providing good service to them as Florida NPC Zone II Chairman and as an IFBB & NPC official & event promoter. PART II AUDIO: Part III: Joe shares his vision and direction for how promoters become successful providing service to athlet

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